Friday, November 16, 2012

Flashback Friday: You're Welcome Universe

 At this very moment, Birthdayness for me is continuing along its merry way. But I couldn't skip Flashback Friday when I have a legitimate excuse to talk about myself.  Although I've been very busy stuffing my face full of cake, I've had a few moments to contemplate what it means to be in my 20's. 

Here's what I've concluded: 
So far so good. I'm only halfway, but so far my roaring 20's are exactly what I'd hoped they would be and more. I'll elaborate more on this later when Birthdayness sadly comes to a close. (I have to let Thanksgiving shine a little - she gets a little testy when I steal her thunder)

In case you've missed some of the most monumental/scandalous years of my life, here's a recap.


Bet you didn't know that when I said "scandalous," I meant Zac Efron.


In case you are a moron, this would be the "monumental," part. 





(Ignore the photo bomber)

So I guess I just want to say this. 

Dear Universe,
You are very welcome for my existence.
And no, I don't need your help. Being popular comes naturally to me and I sincerely believe your services will be needed elsewhere (IE: the non-Kardashians). 
I appreciate your concern and genuine love of me.

Can't wait to show you all how to party Khloe style.
Let's just say it takes Kardashian to a whole new level.


Darcee said...

Khole, so glad I got to share your bdayness with you. So glad you exist too! I say spread out the party as long as possible:)
Ps this is Chels

Rachey Elder said...

I love the age progression, you are pretty in all pics I swear! Happy birthday, can't wait to hear about it!