Friday, February 17, 2012

Now and Lately

Ev and I just returned from the Portland Zoo.
Here is a picture of her to remind you all of her utter cuteness:

And speaking of utter cuteness, back to the Zoo. I didn't take a single picture of our most recent trip to P-town, but I did take a ton of our visit two weeks ago.

Ally copies everything Cole does. Including "napping" in the kids' toy cabinets.

"Wait for me, Coley."

3 things about Ally:
1. She only wears pink pants.
2. Obsessed with tutus.
3. Totally sassy.

Ev, just enjoying the few through the front window. I didn't get it on camera, but the Velma sticker on her back was so generously given to her by Keith.

Wolverine showing a monster how crime fighting is done.

My favorite monster.

Monster + Iron Man = pure awesomeness.

In order to give birth to superheroes, you have to be a superhero yourself.

Oh, Howdy there.

They don't sell goods like this at every Costco.

We decorated Valentines sugar cookies. Well, I mostly ate them. The kids had a blast with the sprinkles.

The B.C.F's (Best cousins forever)

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Darrell said...

your mom saw this blog and wanted to leave Hawaii immediately to go see her grandkids...thanks a lot!