Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Remedy for Harry Potter

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there who thought their life was OVER when they finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
At least when I finished reading the books, I knew that several movies were still in the works.
But now?

Life is depressing. No Harry, no Hermione, and worst of all? No Ronald. I once asked Nick if we could hyphenate our last name to be Jordan-Weasley.
He said no, if you can believe it.

I have read some incredible books this year. (If you haven't read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand stop reading this and go read it!) However, nothing came close to the wizarding world of Ms. JK Rowling until...

Lord of the Rings.

I'm only 150 pages in, but I think I've found myself a remedy for missing Harry Potter.
Sweet death, Mr. Tolkien, you have written a masterpiece.
Seriously, I am in love. I find myself counting down the minutes until nap time so I can ignore my laundry and dishes and read about Rivendell or Hobbiton.

I will admit, I knew I would enjoy the books since I thoroughly enjoyed the movies, but I can't believe how good the books are. My heart often aches for a "Ron" character to fall in love with when I'm reading a novel, and thankfully I've found that in LOTR.

Dang it, Samwise Gamgee - I think I love you.

I will no longer lay in bed every night missing Ronald Weasley with all my soul. You, Sam, have put a temporary band-aid over my wound. Sure, I'll always miss Ron a little (okay a lot), but Samwise is the best rebound boyfriend I've ever had. He's loyal, sweet, and brave - everything I need in a fictional boyfriend.

Nick is slightly annoyed when our pillow talk often contains such questions:
"Do you think Samwise would date me?"
"Could I beat up Rosie?"
"Would you go to the depths of Mordor with me?"
"If we ever have a boy, can we name him Samwise?"

I don't even care if Nick answers "No," to the first three questions.
I just want a little boy named Samwise.

I know I have a chemical imbalance that makes me weird and crazy to most people, but if you find yourself really missing Harry Potter one day, just pick up LOTR and read it. It will help you heal. I promise.
In my opinion, one can never truly be healed when the story of Harry Potter is finished. You just never want it to end. EVER. And nothing is like reading it for the first time. I've read them all several times, but nothing beats the excitement the first time around. However, LOTR has helped me realize that I might one day be happy again.

Now if JK Rowling would just write about the first wizarding war and how the first Order of the Phoenix tried to take down Voldemort I would wear this T-shirt EVERYDAY for the rest of my life:

We all know I'm thinking it anyway. Why not proclaim it for the world to see?
(And Nick, if you need any ideas for Halloween this year, Ronald Weasley would earn you major Griffindor points - it might even win you the House Cup!)

And if any of you are wondering if Nick cares that I'm so obsessed with another man (or I guess men, if you include Samwise) the answer is an affirmative "No."
He is gone all day everyday and I'm just trying to avoid eating my feelings so I pour them into strong male fictional characters instead. (There are worse hobbits, I mean, habits in my opinion)

Thank you Samwise Gamgee, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If we ever have a boy, we will be naming him Samwise. You can quote me on that.

I love this baby:


ecesunshine said...

I can't stop laughing. It's great to know I'm not the only crazy person when it comes to books! I will definitely have to read LOTR. Your little, gorgeous Evie is getting so big.

Scott Ficklin said...

I read your nick post and stayed for the harry potter. I love harry potter. like, LOVE it. Jen read the books but doesn't understand.

I read the hobbit then lord of the rings after the first 4 HPs. You should have started with the hobbit.

also, i like your baby too. church is so much better when i can watch her.

Darrell said...

you are my daughter, in deed. I have only read LOTR 4 times. for me, it ranks somewhere between the Book of Mormon and the voice of God. Okay, that's total blasphemy, but it is serious good literature, despite the genre. Frodo Lives! Oh, and BTW, that pic of Evie is over-the-top cute.

Rachey Smart said...

YOU'RE KILLING ME! I seriously was crying from laughing while reading and could not agree more! I'm so sad Harry Potter is over and openly admit my love for fellow ginger, Ron Weasley. Can we please wear matching shirts, "I'd get sleazy for Ron Weasley"? Do you know who sells them? I haven't read LOTR but I loved the movies. Maybe those will be my next reads. Loved this blog!