Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Princess Grabby Pants Now Owns a Toothbrush

She is so grabby. Hair, earrings, necklace, watch, camera, phone, spoon, bowl, cup, brush, lotion, knobs, mail, pens, hangers, toys, books, blankies, iPad, keys, everything!

This face means: Please give me the camera, pleeeease!"

Do it. Try and squeeze her bum - right through the computer screen. Its so luscious that you can almost feel it when you squeeze your monitor.

Don't believe me?
Try again.

You're welcome.

This is Evie before church on the Sunday before Valentine's Day.
I made her headband and skirt as part of her "gifts" from Nick and I.

She loved them, obviously.

Please ignore the mess. We spent the majority of Saturday painting and making a disaster of our bedroom.

Evie usually comes home from church looking like this:

After her post-church nap, Evster usually teases us with her almost crawling lunges. She creeps but doesn't crawl and she will reach farther than humanly possible to get something.
But she will not crawl to it.

Evie's Valentine's Day present from her parents was her first toothbrush.
She seems thrilled, yeah?

"Dang, this toothbrush is delicious. Thanks M & D."

I thought she might even crawl to get to her new and spectacular toothbrush.
But nay, I was brutally rebuffed.

"No more photos, please."


Cassandra Worthington said...

So cute! You dress her so adorably, and I literally laughed out loud on most of these pictures.

Ben & Cassie said...

OMG syd, she seriously could not get cuter, your blog makes me so baby hungry cause she seems like such a good baby and you seem like such a good mom! Ps I don't know how i was not following your blog before today, but i officially am now, yours is one of my favs!

Darrell said...

Can't wait to see her this weekend! woohoo!