Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Series of Adorable Events

It is rare when Evie does not wake up happy. I had to document:

She makes me one happy Mama.


chelsea said...

She is such a poser for the camera! This can only be explained by 2 reasons: 1. Her mother is a papparzzi and she has become accustomed to constantly being in front of a lens. 2. She has your genes.

She looks totally adorbs as usually. Miss those cheeks!!

Rachey Smart said...

She is totally a little ham, I love it! I was just catching up on your other two blogs I missed and I have to say that Evie may be the best dressed 10 month old, or person, ever. I'm pretty much in love with her:)

Cassandra Worthington said...

What a cutie! Hahaha oh I love how much she plays up getting her picture taken. I think you are giving us childless folks an unrealistic expectation about how adorable our future children could be. I don't think any baby could be nearly as good looking.

Sydney said...

haha. Thanks guys! Cassy - your children will be perfect! But you are happy to live vicariously through my beautiful baby until the time comes. :)