Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pre-Christmas Thuggin'

After Nick finished his last final we chucked all our stuff in the car and drove up to Yakima.
We were a little delayed because we couldn't find everything we were looking for. Ev and I decided to make good use of our down time while Nick was running around our apartment trying to find last minute odds and ends. I'm quite certain that when this picture was taken Nick was fervently looking for Evie's left ear which seems to be missing.

Eat your heart out Nelly.
You know this girl's packin' nothing but chub under that t-shirt.

Nick took a break from the stuffing the car to teach Evie how to tie knots. (In case of an emergency while climbing mountains, hiking, or surfing - at least that's what Nick tells her while they are practicing square knots)

She's definitely got it down.
That's the face of a future YCL right there.

Oh, and here's Evie just loving how cool her mom is.

Once we got to Yakima I made my brother, sister, and cousin Tara take pictures of us for our "Christmas" Card. I say the word "Christmas" with caution because I'm pretty sure no one got them until January 6th. Whatevs! Lots of people say "Merry Christmas!" after New Years - they are about 2 feet tall and they live in the North Pole.

I'm not going to post our actual Christmas Card photo because our outtakes are so much better.

Outtake #1:
Evie has recently learned how to pick her nose. She conveniently does it every time she sees a flash. Plus it looks like I'm trying to pick a wedgie in a very, very disturbing way.

Outtake #2:
Sorry I'm late guys, I just had to smoke 2 lbs. of marijuana before taking our family pic. Ev thought I was soooooo funny though.

Outtake #3:
Where do I begin? I'll just end with the fact that Ev is totally bored and annoyed with her weirdo parents.

Outtake #4:
In case anyone is wondering, Nick still thinks I'm smoking hot, which is why he is trying to grab my boob in this picture.
(He does seem pretty happy about it though, right? Yeah, I still got it.)

Okay, that's enough of the outtakes. Here are the two runners up.
Runner up #3:

The only reason we didn't pick this picture is because Nick and Evie were too prominent. I felt like I was being shadowed by them, so we decided to go with something else.

Runner up #2:

This was such a tough decision. We really couldn't decide between this fabulous picture and the one we sent. We were so stressed about the decision that we decided to flip a coin.

Bet you all are wishing it would have been tails...

The next few days leading up to Christmas were full of goofing off, eating, and relaxing.

Ev REFUSED to give the spoon back after this picture was taken.

Slim Shady and Evelyn Ice working it.

Next up? More Christmas and most definitely a Flashback Friday. I'm refreshed and more ready than ever to make a fool of myself.


Tiffany said...

Seriously, I'm crying from laughing so hard at your comments of your pictures! SO FUNNY!

On the way home from Disneyland tonight Ryan said to me, "I'm sad we didn't get to see the Jordan's more. :(" We then started thinking that we should meet somewhere halfway, like in Lake Shasta or something for a fun weekend/week together or something.

Julie and Andy said...

lol!!! It's 4 am and I am awake for some reason unknown to me, while Andy and Brayden are peacefully snoozing away. So I am reading blogs and I am so glad you posted this! I'm sad to admit that I can relate to your first outtake picture. For some reason I tend to pose like you did with my hand between my legs... and it just does not look right! Sad we missed you guys in Yakima! But we are moving back to WA in May so hopefully we will get to see you more often.

Brit said...

Hahahaha!! I am laughing so hard. PS. You look AMAZING!!! Seriously - so gorgeous!!!

Alix Mae said...

Haha ok this was hilarious! Thanks for sharing your cute fam Syd! :)

Tim and Norma Rose said...

Haha I'm so glad you noticed Nick grabbing your boob, too often I don't think people are aware of their similar situations.

Darrell said...

Pretty funny yes, but you are all so beautiful that one hardly can criticize.