Friday, January 20, 2012

Flashback Friday: Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand up?

1. His #3 sister hen nicknamed him Slim Shady.
2. He wanted to be a Paleontologist SO badly as a little boy that my parents commissioned a high school art student to paint a wall-sized mural of T-rex and a volcano in his bedroom.
3. He is left-handed.
4. He has curly hair.
5. He knows more music than anybody I know.
6. He likes weird movies. He and I once tried watched all of the Children of the Corns when we were home alone once. We had to quit halfway through.
7. He wouldn't let ANYONE kiss him as a little boy, not even my Mom.
8. He had a pet turtle named Sonic, after Sonic the Hedgehog whom he adored.
9. He is the best Nintendo 64 player on the PLANET. No joke. He will destroy you in every game from Zelda to Turoc to Mario Kart to Golden Eye (Unless we played "slappers only").
10. His middle name is Eldon, after our paternal Grandfather.

When Brent and Darcee were pregnant with the twins, Brent once commented that he wanted them to look like Shea as a little boy. I completely agree that little Sheaboy is off the cute meter.

Ahhh, the awkward siblings of different genders in the tub photo. Oh! You thought we were all brothers? Yes, I understand that Darel is a baby and I am...unfortunate. It is difficult to tell, so I won't hold it against you.

I won't comment on my Big Dog hat or ill-fitting overalls. I will only say that the outfit pictured below was one of my favorites. And speaking of favorites, I believe Shea wore this fleece sweatshirt for 84 consecutive days. I think he cried when my mom had to wash it.

Once a Handsome Rob, always a Handsome Rob.
Don't you agree?


Darcee said...

Too True! He has always been a handsome guy with great hair. I bet his twin brother, oh, I mean, sister was jealous of his cool hair.

sheila said...

Absolutely, I concur, he is the most handsome guy I know! Great flashback Friday post. I wonder if the Shea boy is reading this?

Darrell said...

He is way better looking that Handsome Rob, and smoother than Cool Hand Luke.

chelsea said...

I HEART Handsome Rob! The gecko fleece is classic.