Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lady of Chub

Ev is NINE months old. How did that happen?
Not quite sure, but one thing is for certain - she is totally and completely chubby.

I love it. I seriously cannot get enough of her rolls and cheeks. (Both kinds)

At nine months, Evie can:
- turn pages of a book
- wave "Hi" and "Bye"
- pick her nose
- pick up pieces of bread and cheese with her fingers
- transfer cheerios from one hand to the other
- give kisses (aka lick your face)
- say "Da-Da" (and contrary to Nick's personal and biased opinion she says it while looking at me, food, books, her blankies, and her dolly in addition to her dear old pa)
- spit food out at me
- blow raspberries
- point at things
- play the plasma game on the iPad
- sing during church
- stand while holding on to someone

At nine months, Evie still cannot:
- crawl
- pull herself up on anything
- go potty on the toilet (one can dream...)

At nine months, Evie loves:
- squash, cheese, bread, yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal
- bathtime
- her blankies (CANNOT sleep without them)
- reading stories
- sitting up in the shopping cart
- riding in the jogging stroller
- drinking glass out of a cup
- video chat with Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins
- her daddy

At nine months, Evie dislikes:
- getting out of the tub
- getting her diaper changed
- when she can't reach something
- when she can't have dangerous objects to put in her mouth such as: knives, cell phones, scissors, and pens.
- tummy time
- when mom leaves the room (even for a SECOND)
- wearing headbands (I think a part of me has officially died)

At nine months, Evie has:
- the biggest bluest eyes ever
- luscious pink lips
- huge fatty kissable cheeks

At nine months, Evie is ticklish in her neck.

At nine months, Evie is still sitting up like a champ.

At nine months, Evie weighs 17 pounds. (25%)

At nine months, Evie just over 28 inches tall. (75%)

At nine months, Evie's head is about 17 inches around. (50%)

At nine months, Evie is still loving (and fitting in) her bumbo.

At nine months, Evie is still the most fashionable baby in town. (its not really that difficult in Eugene, but hey! A win's a win.)

At nine months, Evie is still:
- the apple of her mama's eye
- the bread to her daddy's butter
- the belle of the ball

At nine months, Evie makes everything:
- sweeter
- messier
- better

If nine months ago you would have told me how much I'd love this girl I wouldn't have believed it. My love grows as quickly as she does.
I guess I'm just grateful I can keep up!


MaryJane said...

Evie is so adorable! Lucky parents!

Cassandra Worthington said...

She is seriously the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen! I didn't know a baby could be so stunning!

chelsea said...

Lush, Lush, Lush. Is it even possible that her hair looks longer than when I saw her 2 weeks ago. I miss her chub too!

Amanda Jeffs said...

what a beautiful, fashionable baby! I wouldn't expect anything less from you, sydney!

Darrell said...

Love it. her hair is getting long. She gets to see her grandpa next weekend. woohoo!

Alix Mae said...

So so cute! I just want to squeeze that chub! :)