Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Kardashian Kristmas

I guess I'm a little behind on blogging, but the Kardashians are so cool that its worth the wait right?

Our Christmas was wonderful, despite the fact that we didn't have snow! That part was practically tragic, but I tried not to let it get me down. We also missed having the Burnetts with us, as Keith was stuck in the hospital. It was so nice to be home for Christmas. We hadn't spent a Christmas with my family in two years and it couldn't have come at a better time. (IE: right after Nick's first law school finals).

Our Kardashian Kristmas included:

Posing for the paparazzi.



New Christmas Eve jammies.

Playing with Puffy.

Sister bonding. (Missed you Kourt!)

Music making.

LOTS of cheek chub.


Wrapping presents.

And more puzzling.

Kendall and I are only pretending to do the puzzle here.
Also, it was 3 PM and we were still in our jammies. (love that about Christmas vacay)

After church the rentals posed for some pics.
Kris and Bruce - you guys are ridiculously good looking. (Thank goodness Bruce took his earrings out for this pic!)

Kim and Lil' Evie.


This was the best pic we got of our family on Christmas day. Ev is picking her nose and I look like a weirdo. Yay, us!

Us minus Bruce (church meetings) and Lamar (taking the pic).


Evie got this "Parisian Princess" chair from her grandparents for Christmas. It is completely adorable and she LOVES reading stories in it. I just plop her in the chair and read her stories while I sit on the floor. She could do it all day and thankfully, so could I!

How cute does she look in her chair?

Nick started a new tradition for Evie each Christmas. She is going to receive a new pair of Nikes every year from him. She loved them obviously.

Where's Evie?

Opening her first present.

The standard nasty-just-woke-up-Christmas-morning-pic.

Evster and me.

My sibs, soooo hot right now.

Ev and I just hanging out Christmas Eve.

Since our family is currently "international," we had those of us who have lived internationally share traditions from the places they have lived. It was fun. We usually dress up as the nativity while my Grandpa reads from Luke, but we decided to just focus on listening to him this year. It was wonderful. I will never tire of hearing my Grandfather read about the Savior's birth. It is the highlight of my Christmas Eve.

I'm just so grateful we always get to spend our holidays with family, either in California or Washington. Being in school always gives us a huge break so we are able to do so. It will be sad when we don't have such big breaks.

After Christmas in Yakivegas we flew with Evie (the first time!) to warm and sunny CA. More on that to come!


Amanda Jeffs said...

love the chair, and cute pink sweater!

Darrell said...

it was so awesome having you home for a while. Next time you leave, Evie stays!