Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'm so embarrassed, but this is too dang ridiculous not to share.

Nick often comments that I only listen to "lesbian" music. (IE: Eliza Doolittle, Ingrid Michaelson, Imogen Heap, etc.) Since I diagnosed him as a genuine homophobe, I usually dismiss such comments. Especially when he says that if Ev ends up picking softball over tennis, its my fault.
No pressure there.

Anyway, I have realized that my taste in music is embarrassing. I will never deny my love for Regina Spektor or Beth Waters, but what is more concerning is my instant attraction to boy band pop-tart tunes. It was okay in the 90's - BSB, N'Sync, even 98 degrees if you were a rebel. I even believe its okay to reminisce about the "good ole days," while listening to Quit Playing Games with my Heart, and enjoying every moment. But the real kicker comes when you realize that a large SUV is in your near future and all you care about is a bonafide sound system. And not just any sound system - but one that will make my children shutter at stoplights when they realize that their mom is a One Direction fan.

Please forgive me.

Have you heard What Makes you Beautiful? Its been on the radio a lot, but apparently not enough for me. Its awful, but something about the poppy upbeat makes me a fourteen year-old girl. Seriously, instead of laughing and changing the radio I secretly say "Yes! Twice today? It must be my lucky day!"

That is not a lie.

I usually turn it up and jam. I don't even bother to turn it down when I'm stopped at a light. In fact, I usually turn that baby up!

Okay, okay, you are probably thinking, that's embarrassing but not that bad. (Or maybe you think I'm a total psycho, I dunno...)

It gets worse unfortunately. I haven't been able to find the song on iTunes because we all know its totally worth buying! So I was googling this and that when I found this:
The official music video.

Help me, Rhonda! Does this make me a pedophile?

I made a pros and cons list to be sure

Cons (IE: I am a pedophile)
- They are 14 year-old boys.
- I have the same striped shirt and pink pants as the one with short brown hair.
- If given the opportunity, I would have accepted an invitation to be in this music video. (Perhaps a homely girl alone on the rocks?)
- I found myself wondering if Nick would look good in a plaid shirt like main guy/child.
- Could Nick pull off the shaggy hair again? I sure loved that when we were first dating...
- I wonder where they got their lipgloss, is it Burt's Bees?
- Forget a large SUV, I want an orange VW van.
- I would love to go to a bonfire on my next date with Nick.
- I have tried to "flip" my hair thrice today. (While looking in the mirror twice)

Pros (IE: I am definitely not a pedophile)
- They are British. How can you know this by simply watching the music video? Well, I watched "the making of the music video," and they all have sexy British accents. Crap, I think my one Pro is definitely now a con.

Poor Ev, she will most likely have a conversation exactly like this in fifteen years:

Ev: "Hey Mom can I go to the One Direction concert with my friends?"

Me: "I don't know, will there be chaperones there?"

Ev: "Yeah, so and so's Dad will be there."

Me: "No way, I'll chaperone."

Ev: "Mom, that's so embarrassing! Going to a concert with your mom? Do you even know who One Direction is?"

Me: "You won't even notice me, I'll hang low, just keep an eye on you." (IE: I'll be so busy mosh pitting you won't even see me!) "No, I haven't heard of this One Demand band - is it appropriate music?"

Ev: "They are called One Direction, Mom. And its very clean, but definitely NOT appropriate for a fifty year-old."

Me: "I'm not fifty! Do I really look that old?"

Ev: "Oh, I just assumed you were old and fifty sounds old to me."

Twenty minutes later I will be busy pre-ordering my One Direction limited edition t-shirt to wear underneath all my clothes for the next four months.

"I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom."


Tara Hibbard said...

I seriously love this post! This song definitely brings me to remember some of my favorite A*Teens hits. :) Oh how the cheesy pop music can sometimes get the best of us. Thanks for the good laugh. What a fun post to read! Love and miss you!

Alex & Taylor said...

This was hilarious, Syd. And it definitely made me think of all those days I would come home to the apartment to find you girls making music videos or writhing around on the floor with all the lights off having an "emo dance party". I'm so glad you've stuck to your roots. ;)

Alix Mae said...

Haha oh Syd I love you!! And miss you like crazy! Come visit? :)

P.S. I don't think loving One Direction makes you a pedophile ;)

Nancy said...

Oh, Syd, this cracked me up. I was berating myself for enjoying the last Zac Efron movie so much...the kid is 20 years younger than me! So enjoy those 14 year olds. ;) And cheesy pop never gets old!

Aimee said...

I love this song now. I think I'm going to listen again.

sheila said...

Ahem, excuse me, they could have booked some much cuter "girlsfriends" for the video like who?? Lil'D for example and Jordie, I think that would have been more believable. To me Syd, you will always be a cool Mom! To fun, thanks for the good laugh.

debeckhardt said...

What makes YOU beautiful. your honesty!
Love ya said...

syd dont worry about it. you're not alone. I'm honestly in love with Justin Bieber. I love him. and my 16 year old sister sent me that song by one direction. and i listened to it on repeat for the next week, and danced around my kitchen while cooking, and was so happy just hearing their voices and watching their cheesy video that i couldnt stop smiling even though my cheeks hurt. so dont be embarassed, just embrace the love!

Brit said...

In all of your hair flipping and drooling you failed to mention that the boy with dark hair that grabs his crotch around the 1 minute marker looks EXACTLY like a tiny version of Jesse from Full House. I think that automatically cancels out at least 3 of your cons. People as beautiful as Jesse can be lusted after at age 14 or anything thereafter. I will come to the concert with you... as long as you stick with the SUV and don't stoop to minivan level.

Rachey Smart said...

Um, you kill me! You're going to be the funnest mom ever. Ev will be begging you to go to concerts with her. And in the last photo, stop being such a hot mom already! :)

Darrell said...

you will always be a totally rocking cool mom!