Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Evolution of SheaBoy

I have three sisters: Kourtney, Kim, and Kendall.
I have one living brother: Rob.

Growing up my mom always joked that "Sheaboy," affectionately called such because he was the only boy in a household of girls, had five mother hens.
One real mother hen and four pseudo-mother hens who desperately needed to boss someone around.
I hate to say this, but Kim and I (Khloe) tie for being the most "motherly" of the mother hens mentioned. Poor, poor Rob. So many sisters = too much mothering.

There were times where we wondered how Rob would turn out. Would he ever marry, having been exposed to the many phases of PMS? Or would he be the best husband ever, having learned to deal with such atrocities?

We feared the former during this stage of Rob's life:

However, Rob has surprised me in many ways throughout his life, but never so much as right now. He is smart, well-adjusted, and by golly, a way handsome dude.

His birthday is this month. (He is a SuperBowl Sunday baby I believe)
And January's Flashback Fridays will featuring the evolution of my favorite SheaBoy.
Stay tuned!


Jana said...

First my day was made by spending a few hours with you amazing mom. Then your equally amazing dad brought us lunch and now Flash Back Friday. My day is complete. Thanks ,Smart-Jordan Family :)

Darrell said...

A very happy birthdayness to Shea is in order, but this picture borders on cruel.

chelsea said...

Rob is going to kill you! And I'm offended that I am grouped at the top of the naggy list. I just have more important advice than everyone else;)