Sunday, January 22, 2012

California, Meet Evie.

We got up at 4 AM to catch an early morning flight to CA after Christmas. Nick and I were both pretty apprehensive as to how Evster would do on the plane. Ev is the definition of independent. She hates being rocked, cuddled or soothed to sleep. She likes to be read stories and then promptly laid in bed so she can soothe herself by putting her blankies over her face.

In other words, she doesn't do well when she can't just go to sleep on her own.
Because of this, I was nervous that she would scream her head off the entire flight (nap time) because my lap would be the only place for a nap.
I bet you are all assuming she was an angel.

She was not. She cried pretty hard the first half hour. But she eventually gave in and fell asleep for the remainder of the flight. When we landed she started crying again, but Nick and I were both grateful that she mostly slept. It was way better than I thought it would be. I almost lost my arm due to lack of circulation, but it was completely worth it.

Here she is on her first flight:

I think I can officially say that Ev loves California. She loved the warm, sunny weather and all the attention she got from Grandmas, Grandpas, and Aunts. She was the focus everywhere she went and she totally ate it up.

While in Irvine we watched Nick's cousin McKay play basketball. He's a stud.
Exhibit A:

Nick snuggled with Bentley, his family's dog:

And we got to see the Conleys! I have been DYING to see them especially since they had their new baby, Zelda. She and Evie are only four months apart and they share the same middle name! (Kate) We got to eat lunch (Cafe Rio) with Tiff, Ryan, Brooklyn, and Zelda while Ryan gave us a tour of his work at Blizzard. It was an amazing tour. We got to see the in and outs of Blizzard and how it functions as a company. Ryan was an amazing tour guide and it was a blast.

How adorable is Brooklyn's hair?

Ev posin'.

Opening presents.

And eating presents.

The Evelyns!

We shopped (we are so spoiled), ate (we are so fat), and played games (we are so competitive) for a whole week in Irvine. It was so much fun to spend time with Nick's family and finally get Ev to California. Nick's Mom and Grandparents spoiled us to death! It was so fun opening such adorable toys, clothes, and books for Evie. We are definitely missing the sunny weather now that we are back in Eugene, but we are hoping to get back to CA for Melinda's graduation. (Masters Program!)

And here are a few random pics of Evie.
Nick taught her this one I'm pretty sure:

She is attempting to pick her nose here. Unfortunately, she is usually fairly accurate in this endeavor.

Nick's Grandma (Evelyn) gave Ev a Madame Alexander baby doll for Christmas and she absolutely LOVES it. Was is it with little girls and dolls?


Darrell said...

she is too cute!can she take a bad picture?

chelsea said...

So glad she got to see Cali. PS. Chelsea's hair is so cute!

Rachey Smart said...

Ev is just too cute. I love those pics of her in the beanie. SO cute

sheila said...

I agree with our Chelsea, Chelsea J. looks smokin' with those bangs! As usual the Ev looks delicious especially with those gorgeous blue eyes. I loved the pic with her and her beautiful namesake Evelyn! So glad you had a great time in Cali!

Krystal Ann said...

Next time you are in SoCal let me know! We live in the OC and I would love to see you!!!