Monday, January 9, 2012

Bonjour 2012!

Hello Blogosphere!
Snick and Snickerdoodle have finally returned from their Magellan-inspired vacation. Although we didn't circumnavigate the globe, it sure feels like we did. After surviving our first semester of law school it only seemed appropriate we disappear for awhile.

I've sure missed the old blog though.

And I think I'm ready to play catch-up. Where to start? 2011 was so good for us despite some pretty big changes and challenges.
We moved from Utah to Washington where we became parents to the world's most perfect Snickerdoodle.

We juggled new parenthood until we moved again from Washington to Oregon so Nick could start Law School.

(Picture courtesy of Nick's fishing trip to Alaska last summer)

Everyone tells you that Law School is hard, that you never see your spouse; you should get used to eating and dining alone, etc. After experiencing the first semester for myself I can officially say that such statements are...true.
Nick and I have just learned that it's all about adjusting to the situation at hand. He comes home from school completely fried from studying for twelve hours straight and I'm waiting at the door counting down the minutes until I can experience some adult conversation with someone who has more than two teeth.
He wants to veg, I want to have some conversation.
I want to run errands, get stuff done sans baby, he wants to hang out with me.
He feels guilty being away from home, we feel guilty for keeping him from school.
I can't wait to put Ev down for the night, he's begging me to keep her up a few more minutes.

Such is the life of a law student/law wife/law baby.

That said, I'm grateful for Nick's first semester. Sometimes I find myself getting a little bitter that Nick is continuing his education in such a fantastic way. I'm not trying to diminish motherhood because it is the most important thing I could be doing right now. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't have chose it. However, I sometimes feel myself slipping into an academic rut. I feel stupid when I can't remember things that used to come so easily to me - historic facts, dates, policies, events, etc. I get jealous of Nick when he comes home from school fortified with post-bachelor's degree knowledge that I am not only unaware of but way confused when he tries to discuss it with me. And I know he can see my frustration at times which makes him feel guilty I'm sure. Yikes, that's one heck of a snowball.

But here's what the latter half of 2011 has taught me:

1. I don't have to be in school to receive a continuing education. I can choose to be as educated as I want to be. Which is why I'm declaring 2012 as the year of the Bookworm. I used to read SO MUCH for school - like an obscene amount. (Like $1200 a semester on books obscene) So here's to a return to cornea-destroying activities! My book list for 2012 is going to make the average librarian sweat I'm sure.

2. Learning from your spouse on a daily basis is not a bad thing. Swallowing my pride and accepting the fact that Nick has a lot he can teach me is way better than being Little Betsy Bitter-pants.

And here's what the latter half of 2011 has reaffirmed for me:

1. Nick is studly.

2. Nick is easy to love. Other things in my life have been difficult, even things revolving around Nick. Sometimes he pushes my buttons like a kid in an elevator but at the end of the day I just love him. It is not easy to be married to him (or anybody for that matter) but it is and always has been easy to love him.

I'm not one to share my resolutions or goals simply because they are often personal, but I will openly say how much I love a new year. I love starting fresh and re-evaluating my life in all aspects. And more than anything, I'm so grateful that I get to start a new year with my favorite Snickerdoodle.

And what better way to start a Snickful year with a duck-inspired photo shoot.

She is simply lush.

Now before you go call CPS on me, let me just say that Evster does enjoy the duck costume.
So much in fact that she puts all the other ducks to shame by doing this:

Planking. Yes, my daughter can plank like nobody's business.
Give it up, Daffy.

You're just not that cute, Daffster.
But this is:

I'll let the chubby cuteness of my baby duck lure you in for a slew of Evie-filled posts.

Au revoir, 2011. Thanks for letting me spend so much time with these two:

What would I do without them?


S.A.R. said...

Sydney! I hear you. It's a blessing and a curse having a husband who gets to continue their education and learn interesting things, while I don't. I struggled with that for a long time, but you're totally right-- there's still a lot to learn without being in school (and paying tuition). You're my hero. And Evie is SO cute!

Amanda Jeffs said...

You are such an example to me, Sydney! I'm still you are just as smart as ever...because you have to be smart to raise a fantastic kid, right? Keep on blogging!

Unknown said...

Finally! I have been checking for days for a new post! Love you guys and can't wait to see you in April.

Darrell said...

You ere such an amazing daughter. I'm always so proud of you!!!

sheila said...

Ok, that duck costume is sooo cute! I think you are the luckest gal in the world being able to spend every day with a quacker/parrot like Ev!