Monday, July 6, 2015

Weird Post

The post has no theme or rhyme, just some cute pictures of the tiny humans in my life.

These girls are obsessed with "twinning," lately.
They love having "twin hair," or "twin undies." 

It's pretty cute.

Anna - always the third wheel, but loving it.

Clarissa LOVES Anna (and vice versa).

Easter morning!

Ev loved the egg hunt this year.

Anna preferred dumping her eggs out of her basket over and over ... and over ... and over...

Some beautiful morning snapshots of my children:

Boogers. Nailed it!

Snuggling while watching General Conference on Easter Sunday.

She is the light of my life!

What is happening here, I don't know.

Dad "working" from home with a busted knee.

Healing up well!

Watching a movie while I fold laundry (we do this nearly every Monday morning).

A series of mostly naked sisters:

Why my kids hate wearing clothes is a mystery to me.

Sup, G.

My little chefs.

Cupcake fairy, back in town.



Does she look like me in this picture or what!? I think Ev is a good mix of Nick and I, but when she makes bizarre faces, she totally looks like me. When she smiles pretty, she's her Dad. Go figure...

Again, I'm not sure why none of my children ever wear clothes.

Bye, Mom!

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Virginia Prescott said...

From looking at these pictures, I am convinced that Daniel weighs more than Anna now...