Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rainbow Peppa Pig Hello Kitty Butterfly Party with a Spiderman Piñata

For Evie's 4th Birthday we had a real party, planned mostly by her. If you can't tell, here's the invite:

It was so fun and absolutely so her. 

Evie is certainly a one-of-a-kind kid.

Thank you boxed cake mix, for making regular moms like me feel like a rockstar.

Part of the Jordans visit to Yakima included Evie's birthday party. She was so excited that Grandma and her aunts could be there on her special day.


Silence of the Lambs?
Landon nailed it.

Anna hates cupcakes... obviously.

It was such a fun two hours at Kids Castle. Who doesn't love a diseased, bacteria infested gymnastics place? Nobody!

Evie was so spoiled by friends and family. I hid most of her presents after she opened them and we've slowly brought them out, little by little. She's had so much fun playing with new toys and it's nice to take an uninterrupted shower once and awhile.

The highlight of Evie's birthday party was seeing our dear friends, the Vickerys. We have missed them so much and they happened to be passing through Yakima. I begged them to stay and they happily obliged. We had a little family party that night and it was so nice just to be able to chat with Emma like old times. I can't believe I just said that - how is law school "old times!?" But it seriously feels like that somedays. Okay Emma, you can move to Yakima now.

The Spiderman piñata was a huge hit.

She had cupcakes AND a cake. SO SPOILED I TELL YOU.

The party quickly got out of hand.

We eventually had to call the police.

And thanks to Grandpa-Great, everyone went to bed after an extreme sugar crash.

Nick's Grandma Evelyn (who Ev is named after) and Grandpa Bernie, sent Evie a Hello Kitty bike for her birthday.

She LOVES it.

It has a bubble machine on the back. 

Happy Birthday Minx! 
But don't expect this next year - you are not allowed to turn five. No more getting older!


chan said...

oh my gosh. That was such a cute birthday party! I love that you just let Evie plan it no matter how crazy it is.

Wenni Donna said...

Really a cute invitation card for kid birthday party. Evie is looking so cute, and I can see her happiness in pictures. All decoration is looking so cute. I am also finding a list of nice Los Angeles venues where I can plan up a lovely party for my beautiful daughter. Any idea from where I can find it?