Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Chipping Away

I'm playing catch up lately. Here goes nothing!
JK, this is actually something. 
Grandma smooching a furry pink cheetah who happens to be my child. Life is good.

This child is FINALLY getting a haircut tomorrow! It's been looking real straggly these days. I pray she doesn't murder the stylist ... feel free to send good vibes our way.

Dress up at Grandma's always produces a variety of quality entertainment.

Anna's in the pink hat in case you're wondering.

Also, the bunnies pictured are figurines, not actual grandchildren.

Here's a good story for ya. 

Once upon a time, there was a girl who fell off her bicycle.

She had the world's meanest mom.

Her mother is now deaf.

Everyone around her is now deaf.
The end.

Back in normal life, normal children learn how to ride a bike in a way that creates happy memories.

Dot, four months post-pardem, getting that pre-baby body back!

It's harder than it looks.

And more hilarious too.

Cole, the scooter man.

It's good to have a beekeeper for a Grandpa.

These two are SO much alike.
Genes don't lie/die.

The Jordans came to visit! (more on this later)


Feeding the ducks at Randall Park is so fun, but also insightful. If you eat nothing but carbs (stale Wonderbread) for 12 meals a day you will get diabetes, as evidenced by the ducks we were feeding.

Dark, but CUTE.

I know I already posted this, but I could eat her alive. She is EDIBLE by definition.

Not feeling great, falling asleep at preschool.

She is obsessed with "driving" our car.

Never were there such devoted sisters?

Not sure, but I hope so.

Our garden! You should see it now (garden = JUNGLE).

"Look Mom! Puppy fits in my bum!"

Also, that is a tattoo (removable) on her leg, not a bloody cut. SO many people at church asked me what happened to her leg. MOTHERHOOD. That's what happened.


Virginia Prescott said...

These always crack me up! I am sitting here snorting. Thanks for always brightening my day and making me act like a pig.

derrick recky said...
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