Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Missing Eugene

Are you sick of me complaining about how much I miss Eugene? Too bad, it's never going to stop happening. I still really really miss my friends and our life back in Track Town, USA, but I can easily say we are so happy in Yakima and it's where we should be right now. I guess you really can love two people (places). 
Plus we've visited a few times this summer, which always helps soften my heart against Yakima, A PLACE THAT HAS VIRTUALLY NO PUBLIC PARK SYSTEM. Leslie Knope! Where are you? I need you to take what is available in Eugene and make it happen in good old Yaktown, where the people are suffering from lack of free activities in the form of a park. 

Anyway, one of our trips down to Eugene involved attending the Prefontaine Classic at Hayward Field with our beloved friends, the Moons. We headed down a few days early to hang with some cool people at Tandy Turn park (it's borderline legendary).

Here's Nick taking a nap.

We stayed with the Lymans. I'm pretty sure they get sick of feeding/housing/entertaining us. Too bad for them because we just keep coming back. Maybe if they stopped treating us like royalty we would consider staying somewhere else. They also have the most beautiful view in all of Eugene.
Shelly, you're the best!

Friday night at the track meet was ... foreboding? All five children must have snuck crazy pills because it was rough. Plus poor Haley and Alex couldn't even focus on the meet because Nick and I kept asking questions. We're novice runners at best and we're both interested in track, so... we kept firing away. We hope we didn't scare them from inviting us back for a second round of Prefontaine next year. 

Crazy I tell you!

I think this was the 10K? 10,000 meters? I dunno, ask Haley.

Mo Farah won it.

It was cool to see him up close when he did his victory lap. I think runners can spot each other from a mile away. Every time someone came around for a victory lap, they singled out Zoey. She looked adorable and starstruck, which is ironic because Mo's going to be admiring Zoey in about 15 years.

Also, I didn't take very many pictures from Saturday's meet which is bigger/longer. We got to see some amazing races. It was seriously fun and I'm definitely planning on making this an annual thing for our family. 

Meeting Allison Felix. 

This gal was AMAZING.

She even singled Zoey out (as a fellow runner I'm sure) and gave her the bouquet.

Nick and Justin Gatlin (they totally hang out).

Haley and I were able to sneak in a run Saturday morning. I think Haley enjoyed Pre's trail...

We stayed in a hotel with the Moons Friday night and there were a whole lot of shenanigans from the kids. They loved it.

Love these goobers!

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