Thursday, July 9, 2015

Booya! I'm Owning This Blog

Blogged three times in one week - NO BIG DEAL!
(Fist pumping to myself right now)
Let's get to it, shall we?

On Evie's actual birthday, she requested oatmeal with sprinkles for breakfast.
Whatever you say, Minx.

She had school that day, so I suggested taking some pictures outside.
It went super well.

"Excuse me sir, I have to be a shirt. I'm allergic to the sun."

Inside photos went much better.

She's terribly shy.

For her treat at school she chose chocolate milk and donuts. 
That's my girl!

Grandpa invited us to Gasperetti's for lunch one day.

Anna pretty much won't leave his side whenever he's around.

It's adorable.

Also, this lasted about 10 minutes. Then all hell broke loose and I'm pretty sure my Dad was regretting his decision to invite us...

She loves taking selfies with me.

"Ev, give me your best smile!"

"C'mon, seriously! Show me that pretty face!"

(Her #1 skill is obedience)

More often than not, I'm grateful for Ev's beauty. It keeps me from beating her. You can't spank a bum that darling.

And then there are those moments of ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE where I'm sure my child is possessed by Doc McStuffins or some other unrealistically obedient child.

Que: The dentist.

She nailed it.

Not a word of complaint!
(I bribed her with a donut, since that totally makes sense when your dentist reminds you to limit the sugar...)

My sister gave Evie this butterfly fairy wings and wand for her birthday.

WWIII has commenced!


Sometimes we share.

Proof she's mine.

Ridin' dirty. And by that I mean having pee accidents on a regular basis while riding this bad boy.

Does the helmet cut of circulation to the brain, causing her to forget to pee on the potty?
Is she distracted by the floating bubbles all around her?

Oh yeah, Anna is in our family too.

Double sipping.

Chels came into town so we could have a yard sale. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE in our family was making fun of us. That was, until we make a sack load of cash money.
Mock, lest ye be mocked!

Contemplating life's greatest questions.

We had a "date night," in one evening.
It was so much fun.

My library girls.

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jennica said...

Ridin' dirty... Hahahahhaha. I love evie and Anna and miss you!! Same story every time I comment but I mean it!!!!!!!!