Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This American Life

According to my husband, preschool graduations are "everything that is wrong with American society." I can't pretend that I don't agree, because it's sort of true - we have become a society that over celebrates everything. That said, Evie made some major accomplishments this school year and I personally believe that she deserves to be celebrated. Some of her achievements include:

1. Not murdering a single classmate!
2. Notable improvements in sharing.
3. Writing her name (E-V-E-L-Y-M)
4. Successfully bringing every McDonald's toy we own for Show-and-Tell making me look like the WORST PARENT EVER.

She obviously had a great year. More than anything I think she enjoyed herself, which is what I care about most. I loved school and I want Evie to find the same joy in learning and socializing that I did (do). I'm not particularly concerned about the learning. She's so dang competitive that I know she'll scratch Brittany Brainypant's eye balls out to get a better grade than her (sadly, it's true). I'm mostly concerned about her learning empathy, kindness and unselfishness. She has until 2029 to learn those skills and then it's real world.

Speaking of 2029, does this picture freak you out?! 
I can see her as an 18 year old doing this exact same thing.

Her entire class during their end of year performance.

"Mom, when is this boring stuff over? Got any more fruit snacks?"

Preschool BFF's.

In her defense, it was sunny.

And in true American fashion, we are so proud of you Ev!


Darel Ayn said...

Keep it up! I am loving all these posts!!

Alix said...

I MISS YOUR FACE! I seriously love when you blog AND keep going because I think you totally deserve that DQ cake all to yourself! ;)

jennica said...

Ok ya she still looks like nick, but in the last few pictures of her smiling all I see is you!!!!