Monday, April 28, 2014

Woodburn Tulip Festival

So my cousin's wife put up pictures of their family at the Woodburn Tulip Festival and thirty seconds later I was like, "NICK WE HAVE TO GO RIGHT NOW."
So a few days later we drove up with the kiddos. It was the perfect day. Warm, sunny and not at all like a typical Oregonian gloomsfest. Plus the scenery was just gorgeous. 

I feel like I have a special appreciation for flora and fauna since I was raised by Petunia Boy. I have this very vivid childhood memory of hiking with my Dad and listening to him talk about fungi for LITERALLY forty-five minutes. I remembered thinking, 'I should remember what he said about poisonous mushrooms,' and then forgetting five minutes later when he started his segment of how Native Americans used mushrooms in battle. 

So I can't remember much about poisonous fungi, but I do remember that my Dad receives copious gifts each year from various bulb distributors thinking he's an actual nursery. I mean who buys 3,000 tulip bulbs? I guess Darrell Smart is a weird name for a nursery, but that didn't stop the bulb peeps from raining down some serious goods on the Petunia Boy. 

Anyway, we had a great time.

Nick was obviously in charge of the camera.
(As if the twenty awkward candid shots of me pushing the stroller didn't give it away)

You could even see Mt. Hood!

So they had these cheesy cow train rides for $2. It was poorly organized and basically the train pulls up and 15 kids rush to get their "favorite" cow, even though they all look the same. 
Well lo and behold, Ev pushes some 8 year old kid out of the way for this cow:

Yeah, you read that right. Her cow's name was BOSSY.

Aaaaaaand I'm done believing in coincidences.

Ev kept telling me we were on the 'cow roller coaster.'

Oh, and my cow was Fred.
Am I the Born Loser or what?

I remember before I had kids I used to think, "What idiot parent would actually waste five dollars for their kid to ride a diseased ancient pony?

The answer?
Every. Single. Time.

I'm a pushover. I can't say no to a pony ride! 

Hey crusty face.



Amanda Jeffs said...

Gorgeous pictures!

You and ev look pretty rad in your cow cars.

Sheila Smart said...

Gorgeous pictures, love all the tulips! My favorites are the Anna tulip and the Evie tulip!!! But, I don't know, the Bossy cow is super cute too! I can't choose!?!? I just need a grandchild fix after seeing all those beautiful colors/children!

Darrell said...

Tulips and granddaughters--what could be better?! I did some tulip arrangements tonight. You would be proud.