Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vitamin D

Or in other words, a trip to California!

I flew with the girls BY MYSELF which I was terrified about, but the girls did great.
I was so grateful they were nice. And by "they," I mean Ev since we all know she's my feisty girl. She was working the plane and charming everyone. And by "charm," I mean not biting people's heads off when they said hello. 

This girl.
I don't want to make other people feel bad, but she really is the best baby.

Hey Sassy.

Grandma J picked us up from the airport and it was all fun and games from there.

(Anna was thrilled)

And she wasn't even mad that she didn't get a pink one.

Why is King Arthur's Carousel right in the front? It is so lame and Evie loves it. Luckily the line is never long because Carousels are not special and they basically have them at every mall. C'mon Disneyland! Replace it with something cool!

Flippin' loves those white horses.

My babies.

Anna loved Winnie the Pooh.
(It's one of my favorites as well)

Evie's Grandma rocks and rode the teacups with us.


Waiting for the parade.

Lunch with Gram and Bernie.

The Evies.


Beach Day!
It was cold (by CA standards) but it was nice to have the beach to ourselves.

Classic In-N-Out lunch.

Aunt J is the best.



Anna and Aunt Chels.

Sorry about your windows Jet Blue.

Such a great trip!


Sheila Smart said...

Looks like the perfect trip to Cali!! So fun to spend time with Grandma Jordan, Aunt Chels and Aunt Jillian. I loved all the pictures, thanks for sharing! It is so fun to see the two Evelyn's together!

Darrell said...

So good to the girls with their CA family, especially the grandmas--how fun!

Darrell said...
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Gina said...

Ev's faces crack me up! Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks yet? The carousel is used to win a bet by Mr. Disney and apparently Mrs. Disney had a favorite horse on it. Maybe it's in his will that they never get rid of it?

Amanda Jeffs said...

What? Get rid of the carousel? Never!

I love Ev's hair. It's getting so long! I hope my second baby is as good as Anna!

MaryJane said...

What a fun trip! And I want Ev's hair.