Monday, April 14, 2014

All Anna

Fastest six months of my life!

Here's what Anna Girl is up to these days:

Still happy all the time. Guys, its unreal - she literally looks all around the room trying to make eye contact with someone so she can bust a gummy smile. And she smiles so big it looks like her cheeks are going to explode. I love it. She's so socially engaged. We have at least fifty minutes of uninterrupted eye contact each day and I'm not even sick of it. 

Oh Bumbo, how we love thee. Anna's not even close to sitting up so its nice that she can fit in the Bumbo and feel like she's part of the gang.

"Who me?"

She still blows raspberries and sticks out her tongue when she's tired.

"JK Mom, I'm not tired, I'm happy. You should know that since I'm happy all the time."

I love her little profile.
One of my favorite baby body parts is where the cheek fat meets the neck fat. 
It is perfectly kissable - you should try it sometime.
Also, thumbs up!

When she gets really excited she folds her hands together and leans back. 

The only time she gets very serious (and not so smiley) is late at night when she's super tired. She never fusses, just gives me some real serious looks. Almost like she's bored with me. Of course its so cute that I want to keep her up even longer so I can look at her some more. 
Jokes on you Anna baby!

Love that profile.

She gets this facial expression from her dad.

And this one from me (when I'm looking at food).

SO DROOLY still.

Lots of drool, lots of love.

Suspicious of the camera.

Blowin' those razzies.

She still has a dimple on her right cheek.

And I pray everyday that her five chins never go away.
I love them so much.

At six months Anna loves:
Evie's voice.
Rice cereal.
Eating her hands.
Her jumper.
Being held.
Kisses from Dad.
Having her face rubbed.
Sleeping with a blanket on her face.
Being talked to.

She makes our house so happy. You can't walk into our house and not be happy when Anna is awake. She is the best drug there is.

She has already had two haircuts. I finally cut her bangs a second time right before she turned six months.

And she has a perpetual runny nose. At first I thought it was teething, but now I'm thinking seasonal allergies? Can babies have that? Its always clear and she basically has it ALL THE TIME. Its gross when I go to kiss her and she wipes her nose down my cheek but I STILL LOVE IT.

Chews on everything.

All the time.

I love this picture. She was looking at Nick when I took this.
Girl loves her Dad.
(I get it Anna, so do I)


Let's discuss what is Anna's bed head.

I just let it be.

What would you do?

I can't wait for her doctor appointment this month (she and Ev go in together) to see how big she is. I feel like she's enormous, but she's probably not.

My sweet Anna.

Happy six months Anna baby.


Sheila Smart said...

What a beauty, absolutely edible!

danielle said...

She is so cute! I'm dying! Your girls look so much alike!

Amanda Jeffs said...

She is so gorgeous!

Darrell said...

She is absolutely beautiful--just like her parents!

chelsea said...

She is so adorbs and dresses better than me! Please tell me the blue and white floral is a pant jumpsuit?? Does it come in my size?

Maureen and Nathan said...

She is sooooo cute!! gah! SO ADORABLE!!