Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Actual Plan

Here's the weird thing about law school. 
You spend $500 on an LSAT prep course, another $500 ish applying to schools, 150,000+ on law school, some more for a bar prep class and holy freaking cannoli another $695 to ACTUALLY take the flipping bar exam. Plus for most people, they need to have a job in order to know what state to take the bar in. So they have to find a job (which is darn near impossible these days) first and then register to take the beast, pass it and then enjoy the next fifteen years of their life paying it off. 
This is frustrating to me. I feel like law school should prepare you for the bar. It bothers me that after three years, you aren't lawful enough to be an attorney. You have to prove it by studying like crazy for 10 weeks and paying to take a hellish exam. And I know its unrealistic for me to expect anything else, but I'm just bearing my soul here.
The entire time we've been in law school, we've never been quite sure about where we would end up. Our lives have been in a constant state of obscurity and we are the definition of nomads. We live in Eugene nine months out of the year and then in Yakima the other three. Habitual moving is our MO. I feel like we've spent the majority of our marriage moving. Twice in Provo, then a big move to Washington, then to Oregon, back to Washington, back to Oregon, back to Washington, then back to Oregon and in one month we'll be moving again (I'll get to that part in a minute). Its honestly exhausting. I'm so anxious to put down some roots but at the same time they will literally have to pull my cold, dead, stubborn body from Eugene because I love it here so much. But I can't really talk about that right now because I'll just start blog crying, which is a terrible combination. Plus I made homemade banana bread today and I'm currently eating it, which means in reality I'll be blog crying and binge eating, which is even worse. 
Anyway, the last few years we've been quite unsure about where life would take us. There was a point where we were quite sure we'd be in the Portland/Vancouver area and we were both pretty content about it. The idea of living near two of my sisters was incredibly appealing and I've grown to love the westside of the PNW (I'm flashing some real gang signs over here). However, since nothing was set in stone, we tried not to get overly excited about the possibility of a lifetime in the Portland area. Then a little over a month ago, we were almost positive that's where we'd end up ... and the next day we accepted a job in Yakima. 

So, we are moving to Yakima. 
Well, sort of. Nick will move there in a month and study for the bar away from his distracting family, while we bunk with my sister for 10 weeks. Then at the end of July we'll head up to Yakima FOR REAL (aka permanently) and try to find a place to live. 

I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I don't have the energy to try and put them into words. But I will say this, I'm so grateful Nick has a job. It is not easy to find one and we know that. 
And although Yakima was/is not my number choice, it did make the top ten lists for cities with the highest obesity rate and places where people feel unsafe in the US, so that's a plus. I've stewed the pros and cons of this issue in my brain so much the last month I've exhausted myself. So lucky for all of you reading this, you don't have to hear me whine! I love Yakima. I love visiting my family there. I loved growing up there. I just never imagined that I'd raise my own family there, but hey! I can list ten positive thoughts for every negative concern I have and like I said, we are so blessed to have an awesome job. 

I'll just leave you with one small thought and then you can look at some cute pictures of my kids. When I was a Junior in High School I had a teacher named Mr. Benedetti. He NEVER called me 'Sydney.' But he also never called me Darcee or Chelsea, which I was grateful for. Instead our conversations went like this:
Mr. Benedetti: "Sheila! Stop talking!"
Me: (Not listening)
Mr. Benedetti: "Sheila! Sheila Hague!"
Me: "Sheila who?"
Mr. Benedetti: "Sheila you."
Me: "I'm Sydney."
Mr. Benedetti: "Oh, that's right. Well whoever you are stop talking."

You read that correctly. I had a teacher IN HIGH SCHOOL who called me by my mom's name CONSISTENTLY. Weird, right?
Lucky for my children, they look nothing like me, so that probably won't happen. But it's still weird for me to move back home. So, so weird. 
It'd be one thing if I was from Seattle where there are millions of people, but Yakima is small and I like a little anonymity. And here's some more weirdness for you. I just mailed Evie's preschool application in today. She will (hopefully) attend the same preschool I did. And possibly all the other schools I attended. If that's not bizarre, I don't know what is. 
I already mentioned how much I've muddled this issue in my mind. It has literally consumed me the last month. But when I really think about it, all of my reservations in moving to Yakima are selfish and prideful and I should be thankful for an opportunity to raise my kids where I was raised. I mean ... I didn't turn out that bad, right?
Okay, I'll stop. Yakima or bust!

And now, some photos of my kids.
Ev has slightly been favoring Bear lately. When I tell her she can only bring one friend somewhere, occasionally she chooses Bear which is unheard of in her life thus far. I sometimes wonder if Ket is getting replaced and then I poke my head in to check on her sleeping and Ket is still lovingly placed on her face. 

At three years old, Ev still fits in the Bumbo.
Now that she sees Anna eat in it, she insists on eating ALL of her meals in the Bumbo.
(including fake plastic meals - see photo below)

She's super into dancing and singing lately.

And we've been on and off potty training the last couple weeks so pants have been optional.

My parents bought these wooden shoes in the Netherlands last year and Ev has loved them ever since. When she plays dress up she always wears them. When we go walk to the laundry she insists on clumping along behind me. When we get the mail she will only wear her red shoes. Sadly, they are getting snug and she just doesn't understand that. She bravely tries to squeeze her feet into them each day and then cries that they hurt her. I guess I'll have to go to the Netherlands to get her another pair...

Our second Bumbo lover.
We've also been calling her 'The German Boy,' since her hair could easily pass for a Hitler Youth.
A slicked combover never looked so cute!

Ev loves to play this game when we make the bed called ... getting in my way. She thinks its so funny to jump on the bed when I'm trying to put the sheets on and then throw the pillows off when I'm trying to arrange them. She loves to be buried in the pillows and then dramatically pop out and say, "Surprise!"

Gosh, these two. 
They are so cute. Typically when its Ev's bedtime I'm feeding Anna solids in the Bumbo, so bedtime has become a Daddy-daughter affair. I love to listen to them read stories and play before Ev goes to bed. 

The sticker on her forehead says, "I Love You."

One day I heard her shouting repeatedly, "Mom! Mommy! Mom!" I walked into her room and she was in her baby's crib making this face. 

I'm gonna be honest, Yakima is lucky to have such cute kids as future residents.


Ashley and Zach Smart said...

Sooo exciting Nick got a job! Congrats on that front!! I agree with all the above. Law school is pure ridiculousness and we are so sick of it. We have the patent bar to look forward to this summer as well. Ugh. Also can't wait to put down roots somewhere but we haven't had to move nearly as much as you guys. That is rough. It's nice to know where you will end up!

ecesunshine said...

That's so exciting Sydney! And I am right there with you in the sorrows of graduating from grad school. So expensive! My boards 400 but have to shell out another 1200 for licensing!

MaryJane said...

Welcome home...sort of! You'll get right back into the groove in no time. I know, maybe that's not good news! Anyway, I love your bedding and can't wait remind Mr. B of his name recognition problem next time I see him at the gym. Wait! Another bright side. You can join the same gym as Mr. B!'s all good!

Maureen and Nathan said...

Sydney. You are the best. I love reading your posts because you keep it SO real. Moving sucks. Its such an emotionally and physically exhausting process. Paying for school super sucks. As I pay off our student loans I keep thinking " Why the heck did I have to pay for school- they should have paid ME to go to school because I am so stinkin' awesome." Loans. Blech. On a less whiny note---I am so glad Nick found a job- hallelujah!!! And your kids are so dang cute. SO CUTE. You are rockin' it.

Amanda Jeffs said...

Congrats on the job! Such a huge stress relief. As semi recent law grads ourselves (yes, I count myself even though it was just Greg who really went to law school), we know plenty of people who really struggled to find a job after taking the bar. So hard! Good luck with the move. You can do it.

Mindy said...

That is so exciting for you guys! I'm betting your parents are pretty darn excited too(: it's got to feel so good to be done after all that hard work!

ashley: said...

You are hilarious. I just love reading your posts. I must say I just googled how far away Yakima is from Seattle and it is just over 2 hours and I feel really good about that. I will totally drive that far to hang out with you and I don't even really know you haha!

Cassandra Worthington said...

Sydney, I hope you know that I am still reading your blogs religiously, often more than once!! Your kids are so insanely cute and you are just hilarious. I loled my way through this whole post. Binge eating while crying and blogging--I've done that. Anyways--I'm pretty darn STOKED that you are ending up in Yakima. I truly love it there--we go back there all the time, and I think our general long term plan is to end up there too :) so then we can be couple friends and go jogging with our babies in strollers. Just give Will 5 more years to finish grad school (With two grad students we DEFINITELY feel your pain). Love to you and your fam, and good luck to Nick as he wraps up law school!

Sydney said...

You guys! Thank you so much for all the sweet words of affirmation! I love you all!

Darrell said...

The pics make me long for Eugene!