Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Amidst the rainy Oregon Spring we've had a few days of sunshine and heat (70 degrees is so hot!)
Evinator has mastered her trike like the Boss she believes she is. She loves to wear her helmet and trike herself around our complex.

I love to follow behind her and pinch myself since I'm not sure how my baby grew up.
(She's THREE this month)

Evie loves to be outside. Her energetic personality is best exhausted by WIDE OPEN SPACES.
In fact, if Evie were a song, she would be a cross between Wide Open Spaces (Dixie Chicks), Happy (Pharrell) and Roar (Katy Perry).
She means business. Nobody can boss her around. 
And that's why we love her. 

Why are kids so cute in helmets? They already have huge heads, but its like you stick a helmet on them and that huge head gets even cuter. 

She loves to chase bubbles on her trike. 

It may be awhile before this girl is on a trike and I can't lie ... I'm totally okay with that. I want her to stay a baby forever. (Its easy for me to say that since she's so happy all the time)
Hey! She also turned six months old today (more on this later).

Not napping is hard for Ev most days. I try to avoid driving from 4-6 PM because she usually falls asleep in the car and then won't go to bed. 

Look at the gnarly chin bruise! 
A bruise for a bruiser. 

A rare moment of tranquility.

Anna girl is obsessed with her fingers and hands. I swear she's teething. If I don't give her a toy to play with she just eats her hands all day.

Oh man, this girl loves accessories.
Tutus, sunglasses, hats, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc.

If she's being sweet I let her play with some of my cheap jewelry (which is basically all of it).

She loves her sister.
Here's a fairly typical conversation at our house:

Ev: Mom, you be Anna and I'll be Elsa. Anna wants to be Sven. 
Me: Do you want to build a Snowman Elsa?
Ev: No! Go away Anna!
Me: Okay bye...
Ev: Anna wait! We forgot about Sven! Go away Sven!

(I will also discuss the frustration that is Anna v. Anna (pronounced: Ah-nuh) later. You would not believe how many people ask me if we named Anna after Princess Anna in Frozen)

Here's another conversation we had today actually:

Ev: Mom, do I have blue eyes?
Me: Yes you do.
Ev: And Anna has blue eyes too! But Mommy, you don't have blue eyes. You have brown eyes.
Me: I do.
Ev: Mom?
Me: Yeah?
Ev: When I was a mommy like you I had brown eyes just like you. When I was a mommy.
Me: When you were a mommy you had brown eyes?
Ev: Yeah!

Someday I would like a scientist to explain to me how it is physically possible for such a tiny body to contain so much personality. Ev is beyond explanation for me most days.

She reminds me so much of myself that IT. IS. TERRIFYING.

Our babe.

My little minx. Always making mischief. I'm pretty sure she was born with a tattoo that says, "Mischief managed!"

Deer in headlights.
(Can't lie, even Bambi isn't this cute!)


I've mentioned before that Evie requires a great deal of attention. Those who spend a fair amount of time with her are aware of this almost instantly. She loves to do whatever I'm doing and I'm 500% sure that her favorite pastime is hanging out with me. She loves to help me cook dinner. Since its hard to entertain a toddler and watch a baby while cooking dinner simultaneously, our kitchen often resembles Cher Horowitz's bedroom on the day of her driving test. 

And no matter how many times I've tried to explain to Ev that FLOUR DOES NOT TASTE LIKE SUGAR, she doesn't believe me.

And she always goes back for more.
(also, I have NO IDEA where those Girl Scout Thin Mints came from...)

Sous Chef.

The Ham.

I wake up to this face everyday. I walk into her room at six and there she is grinning, just waiting for me to grin back. There is not a happier baby on Earth.

And probably not a cuter one, either.

If I had a dime for every time Ev said, "Mom take a picture of me!" each day, I would have at least a dollar a day. 

No words!!!

Doin' her crazy Ev thang.

She's been so brave to try the big kid swings at the park lately. We're still working on pumping our legs, but she'd rather be pushed (I don't blame her).

Always, always, always head first.
Little daredevil.

Classy FHE drawing.

Ev loves to color, paint, draw, do stickers, anything artistic really.

We do some sort of art project everyday. 

She clearly gets it from me.
Photo by Evelyn Jordan

My favorite picture of my feisty lady.

We were out of paper towels one day and the weather was nice so I walked to Albertsons to get some. Both girls fell asleep in the grocery store so I may have pit-stopped at TJ Maxx on the way home.

Doo rag baby.

Why is baby stretching so cute?
It kills me!

Helping me cook again.

She loves to butter rolls and then lick the pastry brush when we're done.
(she gets that fat gene from me)

My butterball.

Tubs are like cages for children, except they don't know they are trapped because they are having the time of their life! (Its how I "get ready" each day/put on deodorant if I'm lucky)


Amanda Jeffs said...

Your babes are so lush! Love it!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

gosh it has been so long since we have seen you guys. I can't even believe how much personality Ev has. She really is a girl after my own heart. Someday can we please meet up!!!

MaryJane said...

Your girls get more beautiful with each post! And that Ev just exudes personality. Definitely saw Chelsea in one of Anna's pictures. And just for the record, I didn't name my Anna after the Frozen Anna either!

Darrell said...

Every picture is adorable. Thx

Sheila Smart said...

Such a great post! Love all the pics! Makes me miss the girls!!! Your little sous chef looks great with a basting brush!