Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One of "Those" People

I should stop sharing my weird opinions on the blog because they just come back to bite me.
Everybody knows I'm anti-technology. (It drives Nick bonkers)

Well I have an I-phone now. Its a long story, but you are all welcome to judge me, since I judged the I-phone users as gluttonous, wasteful, techies. I think the reason why I never cared about what kind of phone I had was because my phone was always super lame. Granted, if you took my phone away I probably wouldn't cry or anything, but I'm just going to say this...
I like my phone!

I never thought I would be one of those people who actually USED my phone. Before I made calls, text, and took scrubby pictures. Now I can blog, email, use my calendar, plan meals, make lists, take pics, listen to music, etc. The other day I forgot a Jo-Anns coupon and the lady just used the barcode that I pulled up on my phone through my email. I won't lie, I felt so cool. 

But I hate feeling that way. I hate actually being attached to my phone. It makes me feel so "now," and I enjoyed feeling like a dinosaur. I'll be honest, I waste a lot more time now than before and I wish I didn't. But dang you Trivie! You are the best game ever. 
Not only am I a lazy time waster, but now I only take pictures with my phone! We have a nice camera and all the pictures I've taken recently have been on my dang phone.

What is happening to me?

Here's the deal. I do love my phone, but I'm still anti-technology. And I will be forever because I'm stubborn and cray-cray.
Anyway, here's our life recently:

Running = hobbit feet.

Ev is "praying" here. When we say fold your arms she makes this face.
I love it.

Don't worry, I'm the best aunt ever and made the most AMAZING snake-shaped pancake the world has ever seen! (If its not a snake or Mickey Mouse, I've got nothing though...)

Yes I am well aware that my child looks homeless here.

Isn't she such a cute homeless baby though?

Ev is working the homeless look like its her job.
Too bad her mom can't do her job and make her look presentable.

We thought we lost our remotes last week. I swear we looked EVERYWHERE. (Even in the fridge! I've been known to stick stuff in there) We finally gave up and decided Ev threw them in the garbage before it got taken out. Lo and behold! Ev had hidden them in her princess car.
Touche, baby.

Chocolate Zucchini cake.
I doubled the frosting if you can't tell.

Date night! (It involved Arbys...)

Eugene, you would have a hybrid taxi!


Rachey Elder said...

All very cute pics, and they look awesome for being from a phone! Also, I loved your last post. "suffamily time" kills me. I wish your brain had shared that with me years ago! You're too funny Syd!

Emma said...

Oh my goodness!! My left big toe looks like that too! It kills and for the life of me I couldn't remember hurting it. You've solved the puzzle. Also, that picture of Evie "praying" I laughed out loud.

MaryJane said...

Fun post...welcome to the world of quick photos and great memories. I can't believe how many of those pictures made me want to comment--just like a real conversation. San Francisco has a law that ALL taxis have to be hybrid by some year in the very near future...the amazing cake (good idea to double the frosting), the homeless child, the fun halloween costumes, those rolls. Just lots of great conversation starters here!

MaryJane said...

And your beautiful child in all her manafistations. And did Ally get her hair cut? And on & on!

Money and Moni said...

Love all of it!! Let's play Word's with Friends!!! my user nane is "2727moni"!

Darrell said...

fun pics. I love my phone and I only use it to call people. I don't think the voice mail on it works--at least it doesn't seem to want to return any calls.