Monday, October 15, 2012

Come Back Aunt Chi Chi!

Chelsea is officially back in London.

I'll be honest - it's totally lame without her. In true Kim fashion, Chelsea is the life of the party wherever   she goes. Everyday there is a plan, an agenda, or something fun to do. She's game for anything and let's state the obvious - she's a total fashionista while doing so. (When I'm wearing sweatpants and a Mariners t-shirt she's in colored skinnies and a scarf)

I mean look at this:
(Ready for a candid-looking photo at any moment!)

We went to the zoo while Chels was here. 
I will again state my honesty - it doesn't feel right without Keith. Something is always missing. The kids had fun at the zoo, but it was really sad to be there without the boy who loved it the most. I think we all cried a little, I mean, its so hard not to. We have so many memories of taking all three of Darcee's kids to the zoo and not having Keith with us is harrowing. We just miss him. And I probably won't elaborate on it anymore because it makes me emotionally unstable, but Darcee wrote a beautiful blogpost about it here. We love you Keith!

Brent's brother married my Dad's business partner's little sister. (Confusing, I know)
Julie and Clint live about a mile from Darcee's. It was fun to have Julie, Caden, and Hunter come to the zoo with us. 

It was chilly and rainy, so naturally we needed some elephant ears.

Some of us enjoyed them more than others.

About a week after we went to the zoo Aunt Chi Chi came through again. She planned an impromptu trip to the coast. Snick/Snickerdoodle drove up and the Burnetts drove down and we were able to meet somewhere in the middle for a fun afternoon. 

We stopped at an Ice Cream Parlor/Candy Shop.

Mint Chocolate Chip.

Something chocolate.

Those of you who have been to a warm, sunny beach probably think Oregonians are crazy for even calling this the beach. But I'll tell you a secret...I love it. I love a cold, windy beach. Sand is another story, but I'm pretty sure everybody hates sand so I'm not alone there.

We picnicked, froze our little tushies off, and let the kids run around.

Cole was wild on the sand dunes.

He showed us all how to go down.

After seeing how much sand he got in his pants, we opted to race down on foot.
It was a competitive race.

Thank goodness for the photo finish or Chelsea wouldn't have been able to claim the win.


No this is not the Sahara Desert during a sand storm, just an Oregon beach.

When we couldn't handle the cold anymore we went up to see the historic lighthouse.

I think it's safe to say everybody had a good time. We are counting down the days until Chi Chi comes home for good in November!


Rachey Elder said...

You guys are always doing something fun! I love all your photos, but especially the beach ones. So fun! Sad that the gorgeous Chels had to head back to London town, love her.

chelsea said...

You know I miss you guys like crazy! Can't wait to make a home somewhere between Portland and Eugene! Love all the pics!

taryn said...

Oh Syd, my heart just aches for all of your family. What a blessing to have such a strong bond in your family during such a difficult time. You're all so beautiful!