Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let's Be Honest - I Never Get Sick of Myself

Hey remember that one time I went to Europe with the Kardashian Klan?

Well, I never finished blogging about it. Aaaaaaaaaaand, since the title of this blog is misleading (The Jordans = Syd's random opinions on everything accompanied with photos of Ev), I figured I'd talk a little bit more about myself. 

Since we all know how much I love myself.

Anyway, our second day in Italy was incredible. We took a bus down to Naples where we caught a ferry to the island of Capri.

I'll be honest, I read Ender's Game while on our trip, but not a single word was read during the bus ride.  Not only do I get way sick on buses, but reading doesn't help either. (Not sure why I had the book with me that day or why I felt inclined to take a photo with it) Oh, and we were stuffed in the very back of the bus like sardines. And anybody who knows the Kardashians, knows that if they are going to be compared to a fish, it would definitely not be a sardine. It would be a curvy fish. One with a ghetto booty and muscular legs. Oh that doesn't exist? Well, shoot. For the sake of this blog post we'll be sardines then. But I want everyone to know being called a sardine is a direct insult to my enormous rear-end. 

Something really funny = tears.



It was gorg. 

What a view!

We took a gondola up to the top of the island.

It was beautiful!

Best jumping picture of me ever

If you can find at least five things that are different between picture A and picture B, I will give you a gold star.

Picture A

Picture B

When the paparazzi's not around, you gotta do your own thing I guess.

Like I said, sardines.

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