Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Life in Bullet Points

  • My thoughts are unorganized more than usual today. So I'm going to use bullet points to insure this post is more like arranged words than word vomit.
  • Ev is still adorable. My gay friend Cam told me she could definitely "go Gerber." (If you get that joke, you are awesome!)

  • My parents came down to see our place and celebrate my birthdayness. Since everybody knows that birthdayness can last as long as you want it to. (Once December hits, I usually concede to the holiday fever)
  • Ev still loves "football."

  • I think this is proof that Evelyn loves her Grandpa Puffy more than she loves football.

  • We drove up to Portland to see the rug rats at the Zoo again. Seeing those kiddos never gets old - we just have too much fun.
  • Case in point:

  • Peter Parker who? Cole Burnett is the REAL Spiderman!

  • Evie looks good in hats too.

  • Ohhhhhh the Face! Need I say more?

  • On my birthday, I made Evie wear this shirt. She practically begged me to let her wear it again on Thanksgiving. I obliged, of course.

  • Simply Lush

  • Grandma Jordan and Aunt Jillian came to visit us too!

  • We also celebrated my birthdayness (no surprise there), shopped, took walks, played games, and snuggled with Evie. Ev had so much fun getting so much attention. She hardly wanted to nap the whole time.

  • Despite Ev's face in this picture, she loved just laying on Jillian's lap.

  • Melinda and Gram got me a jogging stroller for my birthdayness. IT IS AMAZING. I love it! We have been gone so much that I haven't had a chance to use it a ton, but I've had a blast this week learning how to use it.

  • Ev's first ride in "our" new jogging stroller.

  • Evie only has one ear that is pointy now. Strange, yeah? Here is a picture of the "normal" ear. She really is a good mix of Nick and I. She got the weird from me, the cute from Nick. You're welcome Ev!

  • Cardigan + Peter Pan collar = Adorbs!

  • Don't worry, Ev is still rockin' the fur vest.

  • Gymboree called, they need a model.

  • Evie is not a picky-eater. She will pretty much eat anything I give to her. I have also started giving her oatmeal in the mornings with a little bit of cinnamon. She LOVES it.

  • My sister Darcee helped me find this Cheetahlicious Kim K-inspired head bow at Marshalls for a couple bucks. I actually bought it for myself, but it looks cute on Evie too. Win-Win!
  • Also, Evie loved being squeezed on by Aunt D-Roll and Uncle Slim Shady during TG break.

  • Evie wore her Christmas dress the Sunday after TG. Seriously? If Gymboree actually does call someday, the Evster will be ready for her close-up. I cannot wait to see her in this dress for the next little while. (Thanks Grandma She-She)

  • Justin Bieber's Christmas album is off the hook! The Busta Rhymes cameo on Little Drummer Boy is just fab.
  • Michael Buble's Christmas album is also amazing. His voice is so buttery that he just made my Singers-that-aren't-really-hot-but-are-now-hot-because-their-voices-are-so-sexy list.
  • I've also made more pillows. I'm still sweating away on the Project Apartment details. Still got a lot to do, but hopefully I can post some pics soon.

  • Ev is STILL adorable in case you were wondering.

  • Found this recipe HERE and LOVE it. I've made a few changes here and there. (Add garlic, grilled chicken, occasionally whole wheat pasta when Nick doesn't notice, etc.)

  • I eat this for breakfast every morning. It looks nasty, but it's delish! 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1 tsp. brown sugar, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. Pomegrantes are my new favorite fruit I think. I seriously love them.

  • Here we are! I wanted to use this for our Christmas card, but Nick didn't shave and I didn't really plan the outfits. So hopefully we can get someone to come over and snap a cute picture of us looking fly for our Christmas card.
  • PS Having a baby makes you care about a lot of things you didn't use to care about. IE: when it was just Snick, we couldn't have cared less about a CC. Why is that?

A bientôt!


Cassy said...

Aw Syd! I think I will have to comment on all your blog posts because as you say, your baby continues to be the cutest thing out there. Also, I got both those Christmas albums too! Love the Busta Rhymes rap too...I mean...he somehow rhymes "twitter followers" with "Happy Hanukkah" nice dude.

Alix Mae said...

Cute cute cute! Whenever you post I show all my roommates pictures of Ev! She's absolutely adorable as always. :) Oh and ps I got your joke! Haha on Black Friday I bought Seasons 1 and 2. Love Cam!

Tara Hibbard said...

Love this post! You guys are such a cute little fam! I have loved seeing you more lately! Love ya!

Darrell said...

you are such a cool daughter!