Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Project Nursery

I've been excited to post pictures of Ev's nursery, except its not done yet.

Here's an equation for you:
Law school = lack of funds = have to make everything yourself = lots of time = very slow process.

I've actually had tons of fun, but like I said, I have made pretty much everything hanging on the walls. Now I understand why women "nest" and prepare the nursery ahead of time. My only down time is when the Evster is napping, but working on her nursery requires me to be in her room. See the problemo?

Although I'm not quite finished, I'm happy with it enough to show a few pics.

Here is the hutch above the changing table.

The wall above her crib. I made the "garland" above the picture frames out of tulle and string. It cost me about $5. I also made the "pictures" inside the frames out of scrapbook paper, old fabric, and some trim.

My mom bought Evie this Madeline doll when I was pregnant with her. I'm hoping its her favorite doll until she is responsible enough to get her own American Girl doll. I made the print in the frame as well. (Are you seeing a trend?)

Here is a close-up of one of the pictures.

And another close-up.

Two more pictures/wall art that I made. I ended up painting the frames white to stand out against the blue wall. I'm not sure I made the right decision though...

I got this idea off pinterest and then busted out some serious skills (hardly) on Microsoft Word.

The bow art was a last minute addition. I was making bows for Ev's hair one night and thought they might be cute in a frame. 12 bows later and an old frame painted and voila!

Should I paint these frames a different color? I have some sample turquoise paint leftover and I could always use that. I don't think they look that great against the white wall, but I'm also afraid of a multi-color overload.

I still need to pick out some curtains. I want some that look like these from Land of Nod.
But I'm thinking I might end up getting white curtains. Again, I'm afraid of a color overload.

I also want to make a rug that looks like this:

And I still need to post photos of the crib, bedding, etc. But that's for another day. I feel like I have so many apartment projects going on at once. Its very fun, but also a little bit daunting - such is the life of a law student's wife with a DIY budget. I'm still working on my herbs, our family/living room/den/dining room. (Yes it's all one room!)

And what's a blogpost without some cuteness? Here is the inspiration for Evie's nursery.

She is my real life cupcake - sweet, delicious, and full of chub.

(Thank you Aunt Darcee for the costume!)

And here is a picture of Dobby, with its true master.

Wouldn't you want to be a house slave to someone that adorable?


Cassy said...

Syd I'm so impressed! It's all so adorable! I love the bow idea! Pin it girl!

sheila said...

Wow everything looks so cute. I sometimes wonder how I could be your mother because I don't have half of your talents and creativity. I guess that is why I married your Dad so you would be like him, the renaissance man that he is. You never cease to amaze me, great job! Please know that your greatest creation (along with your wonderful husband) is that darling little cupcake!

Aimee said...

did you make those curtains? also if you figure out how to make that rug, please let me know. i want one.

Glenn and Cristina said...

I love her nursery! I'm going to design my little one's nursery DIY style too!

jennica said...

Syd! Omg. i lover evie's nursery! I wish so much that we could live side by side, and just do paris themed crafts forever! so adorable. you are so creative!

Amy Martin said...

That bow art is to die for! Would it be tacky to have that + that garland in MY room? My husband wouldn't mind at all I'm sure...