Friday, November 18, 2011

Flashback Friday: L'Amour

Over three years ago, I stood beneath the Eiffel tower like this:

I went to Parc Disney on my 21st birthday with this guy:

And these girls:

And these girls:

I met a French-speaking Buzz Lightyear:

I stood in front of Sleeping Beauty's French chateau:

It was a good birthday:

I went to Versailles on a rainy day:

I sat on the sidewalk kissing this:

While I watched this:

I saw Quasimodo's bell tower:

And Notre Dame:

I walked Pont Neuf with these beauties:

And posed for pictures:

And posed for more pictures:

I ate pastries:

And saw Nike of Samothrace:

I visited the Louvre:

I walked the steps to Sacre Coeur:

And went inside:

And then posed for more pictures:

I ate macaroons from La Duree:

I saw the Arc de Triomphe:

Sometimes I can't believe I got to experience so many things with my best friends and love of my life.

Today I wish I was back in Paris.
Can you tell?


chelsea said...

Well it's only a plane ride away and if you do it you better make a stop in London to see your favorite sister! I tried calling twice on your bday--you were obviously very popular. I made up for it by buying you an extra something and maybe it matches with something I got the Evster. Can't wait to see my favorite duck fans. 4 weeks and counting!!

jennica said...

Eww nasty pictures of me in Paris! But loved the memories anyways! I miss it too! I wanna go back. You me brian and nick and evie?!

Chanel Beazer said...

Oh I loved this post. I'm so glad I was able to met you and nick in paris and have some great experiences with you!

Darrell said...

pretty flashback if you ask me