Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Syd's Jack Bauer Birthday

Though we haven't yet officially celebrated in Jack Bauer style, unless you consider my stealth mission to the bagel store this morning as satisfying that element, Syd has verbally recognized that this year is indeed her Jack Bauer birthday year. For those people living in a cave, the year following your 24th birthday MUST be full of everything that is the essence of hardcore. Syd got a jumpstart on the hardcore memo as she has been Supermom for the past 7 months raising the Evster, but there is no doubt in my mind she is going to be taking the title of Supermom to the next level as she personifies everything that is Jack Bauer into her mothering methods.

For those of you who are familiar of the extent to which Jack will push himself and others, this may frighten you. But fear not, my wife has passed her extreme tolerance of pain and stubbornness to crack under pressure to our fearless daughter. As Ev embarks on this upcoming year, she will undoubtedly be pushed to her physical and mental limits. (Growing cannot be easy.) Both sides of our families come from long lines of excellence and Supermom Syd will stop at nothing to see that these characteristics do not fall short of her offspring. Ev has progressed so much in the last few months and it is all due to the quality effort and love Syd has put into her. Ev is her mother in every sense of the words "social" and "loving." Make friends with either of these two and you have a friend for life. If you want to see a face of pure joy, come spend a few minutes in our home watching Ev and Syd talk to each other in the kitchen or during bath time. Syd has a big year coming up and there is no better way to tackle it then knowing that if it came down to it, she could take Jack Bauer out. So here's to Syd's Jack Bauer birthday!

**Not really sure what happened to her hair, but look at that face!

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Rachey Smart said...

Happy Birthday Syd! Love ya:D