Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yakivegas Baby

The weekend before last (wow that sounds so proper of me) we drove up to the Yakivegas. Every time we go back to the Yak I can't help but love it more than the time before. (Corny, but true)

Our last trip was no different. Straight up barrel of monkeys for everyone I think.
The grandkids got to hang in Grandma She-She and Grandpa Smart's bed. They watched Scooby-Doo in their jammies, sweatpants, and ... the nude. (Love that Al Pal)

Darc and I rummaged through the Attic and found many a treasure. Nothing, however, beats our high school letterman's jackets!

Okay everyone, were letterman jackets cool at your high school? Because I swear on the entire batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that I just ate that they were indeed cool at my school.

I used to wear them to the football games and cheer in the stands like a madwoman.

Does that make me a loser?


Okay, I might be a loser. But I will point out that Darcee's jacket has a bold '98 on the front of hers. Who's the loser now?

Anyway, here are C & K at their finest.

And what's a post without the Ev?

G-pa and Al Pal watching some quality television. I believe it was Scooby-Doo in spanish.
(Gotta love Youtube)

We also celebrated my Grandma's 83rd birthday.
She is an amazing woman and I'm so grateful to have not only known her, but to have grown up so close to her. She deserves to be celebrated for sure.

But what's a celebration without some girl time?
All the girls went to lunch with Grandma to get some additional party time in.


Three generations.


All the girls.

And we also celebrated C & K's birthday at the Burnett's house.

Sibling love.

Grandpa Great and Ev

The lower half of The Face's face.

MONSTER! Oh wait, its just The Face.

Obviously a good time was had by all in the Yakivegas.


The Davis Family said...

Ok, I had to laugh at the letterman jackets. They were totally cool at our school too. I wore mine every day! The thing that killed me were the people who still wore their letterman jackets when they were at BYU... seriously? Love your posts!


Sydney said...

Hahaha. I'm glad you think the people at BYU wearing their jackets are weirdos too!

jennica said...

i wanna meet cole and keith and ally! they are so freakin adorable! and of see evie again too.:)

Sydney said...

Jenn! We are coming to Utah this winter. We are just trying to work out a good time!

Darrell said...

You were so cool in your letterman's jacket that you could have pulled it off even at Y!