Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Zoo

Last week, Ev and I drove up to visit the Burnetts. Some of you may wonder why, so I'll tell you. Brent was out of town, my mom and Chelsea were galavanting through Europe, Ellen (Brent's mom) started teaching again, and Darel is at BYU. Therefore, Darcee had no choice but to ask me to come help with her kids. I know I'm a last resort, but hey, it felt good to considered amongst so many impressive candidates.
When I told Darc I'd be happy to come as long as I good bring Ev and my breast pump, she seemed pretty at ease. (and possibly excited?)

4 kids under 3? No big deal if you're Superwoman and Wonderwoman.

(Darc already claimed Wonderwoman since she wears the red boots. But I think she just wants to have that whip in case the animals get too out of line. First born, first served I guess...)

Anyway, many of you are probably wondering how much help I could possibly be. I mean, I have a an almost five month old, I pump 5-6 times a day, and I know nothing about what the Hulk eats for breakfast, what Spiderman's real name is, or what in the hells bells La Chupacabra is.
(For the record, the answers to those mind-boggling questions are as follows: Grilled cheese, Peter Parker and a monster in Scooby Doo.)

The next time I'm at a souvenir shop in Tigard, Oregon I'm going to request they make a t-shirt that contains the following:
1. Must be dirty and smelly.
2. Must be previously slept in. (Preferably the night before)
3. Must have Mac'n'Cheese, bran flakes, cupcakes, and juice stains all over it.
4. Must be covered in Spiderman and Batman stickers.
5. Must have these words stamped in VERY large letters on it: I survived the Portland Zoo.

If this t-shirt existed, I would have purchased several of them to take home with me. It was crazy, but nothing beats spending time with the Portland animals. They are just too much fun. When else would you get to see Superwoman and Wonderwoman in action like that?

The Burnett kiddos are mildly (and when I say mildly, I mean completely) obsessed with Evie and it was so fun to see all of the cousins in action. Darc and I were even able to sneak in a couple episodes of Project Runway and Dance Moms.
Debbie bought Evie and Ally matching outfits (see picture below) and I'm pretty sure they should be forced to match everyday because its just so stinkin' cute. Ally insists on helping me change Evie's diaper, put her down for her nap, and bathe her. Its adorable.
Here's what our week looked like:

Even though we're not that helpful, we hope the Burnetts will invite us back soon. We are still craving "Pancake Cupcakes" and breakfast Burritos, Burnett style.


MaryJane said...

Great'd I miss it earlier? Sounds like a good time was had by all!

chelsea said...

As a survivor of the Portland zoo, I too feel I deserve said t shirt. Maybe we should make some?? So glad you could be there and really made me jealous. Let me guess--you dressed the girls alike everyday. Love it! Can favorite aunts get in on the matchy matchy? Love ya!

Darrell said...

i don't know how I missed this post. Yes, you are Wonder Woman and Super Woman.