Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday: Who's Who, Kardashian Style

The Kardashians are famous for their good looks.
But they are also famous for looking alike. Dark hair, dark eyes, etc.

Growing up Kardashian was tough. None of my teachers knew who I was, the grocery store clerk was NOT my ex-boyfriend, and my parents did not give me permission to get married when I was 14. Those were my sisters, thanks.

I've gotten used to answering to four names throughout my life: Darcee, Chelsea, Sydney or Darel. Our Dad claims were "fungible," that it really doesn't matter what we're called since we could basically pose for one another on a daily basis.

For example:
When my Dad tells Darel she looks beautiful, I say "thank you" because we pretty much have the same face. Or when someone tells me that Chelsea has the most beautiful skin, I say "oh that's nice of you," since my skin is almost as dark as hers. And when people say Darcee has the longest eyelashes and biggest brown eyes, I say "you don't have to say that," as if they were talking to me.

Granted its hard to find your true identity when everyone mistakes you for someone else, but when I really think about it, it has some perks. I can take credit for a million things I never did. I can pretend I'm the prettiest, smartest, most talented Kardashian sister because no one else would ever know the difference.
Sorry Mary-Kate and Ashley, but identical twins switching places? That's child's play! We'll double the bet, thanks.
And now for Flashback Friday. We're gonna switch it up a bit and Snick is going to have its first giveaway. Huzzah!

The first person to correctly guess the order of the sisters in the picture below (from left to right) gets a prize. The second person to correctly guess the order also gets a prize.

First place: Immunity from Flashback Friday for two months.
Second place: Immunity from Flashback Friday for one month.

For some of you these prizes are pretty desirable, for others, not so much. But if you don't get immunity, then as Heidi Klum would say,
"One day you're in, the next day you're out."

Here's the pic:

And it wouldn't be fair to leave the only male Kardashian out of Flashback Friday would it?

You're welcome "Rob."


Jana said...

Chelsea , Darel, Darcee, Sydney. I think, what'd I win :)

Darcee said...

Can I guess? In case I can't guess I'll use code names so I don't give away the answer to anyone else: Grace, Darla, Dots and then Crusty. I have to admit I couldn't tell between you and me for a minute but those ugly plaid pajama pants of yours gave you away in the end.

chelsea said...

Kim, Kendall, Kourtney, and Klhoe. Laughing so hard. Kim and Kourtney are wearing sweatshirts 10 YEARS past graduation dates--seriously I guess one thing that distinguishes us from the real deal is we do manual labor. I believe this pic was taken just prior to using ice axes to pick the ice off the driveway. Love it! PS. Rob is going to kill you:)

Darrell said...

I love this. My only concern is that you have "stolen" some hideous pics of the Shewolf and I, and these will be somehow find their way onto the world wide web. As if the end of a work week wasn't reason enough to look forward to Fridays, now I have the insanity of your blog posts to anticipate. thx

Kim said...

You are hilarious, Sydney! Here's my guess: Chelsea, Darel, Darcee and you. You should be a writer or a comedian, or both!

Rangi said...

Is this what my 3 red-headed daughters have to look forward to?

It makes me feel a little better to know that Darrell can't keep his daughters straight either.