Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday: Uncle Slim Shady featuring Evelyn Ice

Shea, ahem, I mean Rob, has always been a pretty cool guy. Sure there was the fleece sweatshirt/dinosaur period, the airhead/N 64 phase, and perhaps even a chubby stage (Smart Family tradition before you enter puberty), but overall he's been pretty popular most of his life.

Is it his good looks and charm? Maybe.
Is it his tall slender physique? (Minus the chubby stage) Perhaps.
Or is it the fact that all four of his sisters (Kourt, Kim, Khlo, Kendall) are totally awesome? Definitely.

Regardless of what makes Rob bleed an impeccable cool factor, he is just that.

He has helped Kendall make friends despite her lack of social skills.

He has been Keith's favorite uncle since November 1, 2007.

He can be silly.

He can fit in with all types of people including the homeless, the insane, and the PWT. (that's poor white trash for those of you who don't speak Smart Family Acronyms)

He is very strong and can even hold two babies at once!

He is intelligent and was able to graduate from the most difficult High School in the world!

And, Handsome Rob can rap the crap out of most contemporary tunes. Here, for your enjoyment is a video taken this summer of Uncle Slim Shady featuring his 3 month old niece Evelyn Ice.

8 mile? Puh-lease! Yakivegas will destroy you...


chelsea said...

Love it! Love Rob and Evelyn Ice! I hope she doesn't need a neck brace after this!

Krystal Ann said...

haha I just love how she stares him down like"what the heck are you doing" haha

Nancy said...

Love it! But, Shea is going to kill you for some of those pictures! Lol

jennica said...

i very much enjoyed the rapping side of evie. i also enjoyed you laughing in the background.. haha

sheila said...

Wow, I didn't know Shea could rap with the best of em! Hilarious!! Ev is a good sport as usual! What a cutie.

Darrell said...

He's the Sheamanator fo sure! I think "Ice E" really liked it. The Sheamanator has always had a way with the women.