Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chuck Testa - Nope!

Growing up, we had a "taxidermized" porcupine in our den. After seeing this commercial, I wonder if Chuck Zesta was the man who stuffed our pokey friend.



Darrell said...

The porcupine is looking for a more comfortable home ever since your mother banished him to the second garage. Interested?

chelsea said...

Where do you find this stuff? Do we need to get you a hobby? Love it and reminded me that even though our stuffed porcupine was dead it still attacked me and mom on two separate occasions. Who knew dead porcupines could quill you. PS. the new pic of Ev on the main blog page is too much. XOXO

Amanda Jeffs said...

Greg's sister found this yesterday! Speaking of sisters...I saw your sister on campus the other day! I didn't say hi because the other way I know who she is is through your blog :)