Friday, September 9, 2011

Flashback Friday: Hungry Dogs Win the Race

My Dad coached me in basketball from YMCA league until I tried out for school ball in High School. As a young girl, I thought he knew everything about basketball because he was my "coach." He frequently used phrases like,

"Syd, I don't care what it takes, but go get the ball. Scratch and claw your way to that ball."
"Don't brush your teeth or put on deodorant today, you have to play defense."
"Get on the floor! There should be blood on the floor when you get up."
"Get mean!"
"You are a winner. Now get out there and prove it!"
"Hungry dogs win the race!"

Some of you may be chuckling at the profound advice given by my childhood basketball coach, but today I still believe my Dad is the best coach I ever had. Sure, he knows NOTHING about basketball, but he knows everything about desire. If you want it, you can have it - you just have to work hard enough.

I loved playing sports growing up and I excelled at many of the things I tried. However, I was never the best girl on my team. I was never the fastest, the best shot, the tallest, nor the strongest, but I excelled because I wanted it more than everyone else. I don't say that to be prideful, I say it because its true. That's what my coach taught me. My Dad told me I could get the ball if I wanted it and he told me I could win if I tried my hardest. I never doubted I could do those things because my coach told me it was so.

That is why my Dad is the best coach I ever had.

Which brings me to Flashback Friday. I've probably played thousands of basketball and soccer games in my life. The State Championship is nothing compared to the games I played in YMCA ball. In those scrubby Elementary school gyms, I learned a valuable life lesson that's transcended way past High school sports.

If you want something, go get it.
If you think you can do it, then you can.
Having confidence in yourself can make your aspirations a reality.
Even if you loose or fail, if you believe you are a winner - you are one.

As cheesy as all this sounds, its true for me. And I think my sisters and brother would say the same thing.

Our Dad is crazy, but he knows more about inspiration than most.

How else would you inspire a child as swirly and awkward as this?

Nick never needed to be pumped with motivation as a child. I think he was incredibly confident from day one.
I mean seriously, look at that face!

So if you're having a bad day, look at my dorky picture and remember that I felt like a million bucks the day that picture was taken. And I still feel like a million bucks looking at it right now.


Chanel Beazer said...

I have been anxiously waiting for your flashback friday post. This didn't disappoint.

Nick said...

Darrell...are you wearing hiking shoes and jeans while coaching basketball?

Darrell said...

I miss those days when my kids believed every crazy thing out of my mouth! Nostalgic post for me, thanks,