Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I saw this really cute contraption on Pinterest where you adorably display your headbands using a decorated oatmeal container.

Exhibit A:

Except you have to eat all the oatmeal before you can use the container for something else.
So I improvised.

Exhibit B:

Two things:
1. Times the scrubbiness in Exhibit B by ten billion and you have a relatively good idea of what our apartment looks like right now.
2. We have no more paper towels.

Do I get mad props for creativity though?

*Also, for those of you who think that I have too many headbands, I would say this:

Did Blair Waldorf become Queen of the Upper East Side by wearing alligator clips in her hair?
Um, no.

I rest my case.


chelsea said...

Dear Head band Queen,

Can a girl really have to many accessories? I think not! Miss you!

jennica said...

HAHAHa. love the oatmeal/headband stands. and the blair waldorf connection! you are so right! don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!!