Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Month in Yakima

That might be the most boring post title I've ever had, but being behind on our blog stifles my creativity. Okay, here's a recap of our last month in Yakima and then I can focus on elaborating about Eugene. Whenever my sister Chelsea comes into town we do major organizing, rearranging, de-cluttering, and chucking of all unnecessary things. She is the Grand Poobah when it comes to all things cleanly.
We started with my mom's closet. It was like What Not to Wear, but less scary and more fun. My mom had to face the dreaded "360" (aka all her daughters) and we got to tell her what she could keep and what she couldn't. It again affirmed that my dream job in life is a personal shopper. (Anybody want to hire me? Consider this my resume) Anyway, it was all fun and games until we opened my mom's jewelry box(es)


Lets just say she had several plastic bags full of items that she hadn't worn in a long time. As sisters (and with mom's permission) we decided we would take the unwanted jewelry items and pawn them as if we had found them in the unit we bought on storage wars. (Barry Weiss, I love you!)

Long story short, we made $235 bucks by selling 3 items. Bam!

The items we sold:

1. My mom's Lil' Wayne Chain. I won't go into details, but lets just say it looked like this:

2. Cheesy star necklace.
3. Old (but in mint condition!) Seiko watch

I was slightly rebuffed when the pawn shop lady told me the vast majority of our items could not be verified as "real." Boo.
Also, a real quick word about pawn shops in Yakima, Washington.
(Scrubby, indecent, weird, creepy, junky, and rip-off would also suffice)
Anyway, after cashing in our check from the pawn shops, we took my mom out to lunch.

You would think that $235 dollars might be the highlight of our "anti-hoarding" adventures. It wasn't. Perhaps the most incredible thing we found in my mom's jewelry was this:

A human tooth. And who is the owner of this particular tooth? Nobody knows. If you are missing a tooth, it is probably somewhere in a pile of rubble in the Yakima Dump. If you are offended by lack of an apology for throwing away your tooth, I can offer you some vintage jewelry...

Here are the anti-hoarders, working hard.

The last few weeks in Yakima included this:

Snuggling with Keithy.

Still loving bathtime.

Turning into werewolves.

This was taken about a month ago, but I wanted to show everyone the cute fat roll between Ev's bum and her back. It has grown exponentially since this picture was taken.

Recent milestone in Evie's life: She now eats people's shirts.

Mr. Smee, uhhhh I mean Chelsea, who is moving to LONDON, ENGLAND tomorrow! Just in case you thought your life was cool, I'm going to make you feel less cool by saying that my sister got into her dream Master's Program at the University of London. (Demography/Public Health)

We miss Aunt D!

Evie + Aunties = Sandwich

Ev totally loves the Auntie/Evie sandwich. We are all missing the Palm Springs of Washington, but Eugene has been good to us thus far. Evie is no longer sleeping in a pack'n'play in a closet, (I just wanted her to be like Harry Potter) and has graduated to a crib! Thankfully for my sanity, the transition went very smoothly.



Did I mention that we love it here?


Tiffany said...

You can be my personal shopper!!! :) And loving Evie! And love that yellow polka dot dress!

Ben & Cassie said...

You are too funny! And BArry Weis? he is so weird! I like the fat one in wife beaters with the son haha! Cant wait to hear about Oregon!

MaryJane said...

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall while you went through your mom's can you all come over and do mine?

I'll even buy you lunch if you'll be my personal shopper!

chelsea said...

I am wetting my pants from laughing right now. I don't think you hate the Mr. Smee shirt as much as you say since you did plaster it all over your blog. I am seriously going to find one of for you. The tooth, the pawning, the Lil' Wayne pic--its too much. In the anti hoarding pic I am still wearing that dress mom gave me--over my clothes. Yakivegas just isn't the same without you. You best be coming to London and soon! Love ya.

sheila said...

Ok, tears were streaming down my face as I laughed my head off reading. This post really makes me miss you and the fam. We loved having you here and can't wait to visit soon in Eugene. For now though, it is off to London for me-someone has to watch over Chelsea for a few days! Thanks for a great send off.

Darrell said...

okay, mom and I read this post again tonight and I about lost it. Seriously, this was really funny, mostly because it was true. now if I could just get you all to focus your attentions on my side of the closet.