Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Four Months

We have officially moved to Eugene and I can't wait to elaborate more on that, but for now I've got to catch up on this silly old blog.

We blessed Evie on July 10th. Yes, it was well over a month ago - practically two months ago, but things have been crazy. She looked adorable (no surprise there) and Nick did an excellent job. I don't really know the protocol is on sharing what's in a baby blessing, but I will share one thing that really stood out to me. Nick blessed Evie with the capacity to reciprocate love to all those around her. I thought it was quite profound and I can already say she makes me feel loved everyday.

We took so many great pictures with both sides of our family, but I just don't have the patience to post them all. Just envision a lot of happy smiling people.
And here's some cuteness from the Ev:

Our Fam

And the tiredness sets in...

The week of Evie's blessing we had the majority of both of our families in Yakima. It was delightful, to say the least.

The rest of the summer was pretty much a blur. We drove to Utah to visit friends and enjoy a Hague Family Reunion at Bear Lake. Ev spent a large portion of her days in a carseat, but took it like a champ.

Exhibit A:

Lil' D turned 18! (on July 27th) And while I totally believe she is beyond qualified to go to BYU, I cannot help but list several of her most memorable quotes of the summer.

1. (While playing Trivial Pursuit) Which country is the location for Machu Pichu?
Darel's answer: "Cancun!" (gotta love the enthusiasm though)

2. "Is Paris in Rome?"

3. (Again while playing Trivial Pursuit) Which famous ship was built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Ireland in 1909?
Darel's answer: "The Mayflower?"

So her Geography and History are slightly rusty. Good thing she's majoring in Recreational Management/International Relations. Jokes aside, Darel is a hard-working, intelligent girl who will no doubt succeed at BYU. But as her older sister, I have to say I hope she doesn't succeed too much because that means your social life suffers! (That may or may not have been my motto while in college)

D's 7-layer birthday cake made by her loving sisters.

The party-goers

Lil' D is mildly obsessed with her bf the Biebs. Shea kindly gifted D a book about JB's life. Upon hearing that JB was in fact, CANADIAN, my Grandpa promptly picked up JB's biography and began to devour it. (He's from Alberta and so is my Grandma) I was quick enough to sneak a picture. All I have to say is, nobody escapes the charm and good looks of JB!

Following Lil D's birthday party, we snuck down to Eugene to find a place to live. (We had 24 hours to find a place to live for three years!) On our way we stopped by the Portland Zoo. It is quickly becoming my favorite attraction worldwide.

All of the Smart Grandkids.

Okay, that's all I have the energy for right now. More to come soon I hope. Our apartment looks like the Berlin Wall anytime after 1989. Yikes. But before I conclude this random post I have to lament that my baby turned four months old last week. Sigh. She is getting so fun (laughing, spitting rice cereal in my face, sleeping through the night, really interacting, etc.) but I seriously cry when I pick her up from her crib and she feels more sturdy and chubby than the day before. Is it possible to grow so fast? On the plus side, she is the world's cuddliest baby. She would cuddle with me all day if I let her. (I have to get some things done!)
Anyway, at her four month check up the nurse came up with a camera (they take a picture at every appointment and then print it out along with her stats for you to take home as a keepsake) and said, "Smile!"

I have the most obedient child. (for now)

Ev is also a whopping 13 lb. 2 oz! (not that big actually) She is exactly in the 40% for height, weight, and head circumference. I had such high hopes that she would get the Jordan tall gene. Poor girl, her legs get shorter and her thighs get chubbier everyday (she's too much like her mom). Selfishly, I have to say I completely enjoy her thighs - more than any other dessert on the planet actually. But I know she's gonna hate it when she's 30. C'est la Vie!

I know I said I would elaborate on the situation in Eugene later, but I'll summarize how we feel at the moment about our new home.


Can you tell?


Ben & Cassie said...

Sydney, your baby is a dream! Good luck in Oregon, so fun!

Kiley said...

woot woot for three more years of school...
p.s. Ev is adorable!

Darcee said...

Can I squeeze those smiling cheeks!? She is sooooo squeezable! Love that baby! That pic the nurse took is one of the cutest EVER. She already knows how to strike a pose. See? Baby einstein.

jennica said...

I love love love this! Evie is just getting cuter all the time. I love the smiling nurse pic, and i love the Canadian bonding pic (JB and grandpa) who doesn't love him? I miss you tons! Hope you come visit Utah again soon or maybe we can visit in Oregon!!

The Davis Family said...

So cute! I love the blessing dress!! I'm glad you guys are happy in your new place. =)


P.S. I almost died when I saw that picture of Grandpa!

MaryJane said...

Glad to hear you guys are setteling in, in Oregon. It will be a busy three years. Loved seeing you and that adorable family of yours (both the big one and the small one!) Love all the pics of Evie...but of course the nurse one!

T & W said...

You are looking Fabulous in your pictures hot mama!! Glad you guys are loving Oregon but not going to lie, we wish you were in San Diego with us!!