Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hans Solo

This conversation is based on actual events.

Darel: "So do you think I should bring my JB to school?" (speaking of her life-size cutout of the Biebs)
Syd: "Yea."
Darel: "Will I have room for it?"
Syd: "Yea, there was a girl in a dorm by me who had a cut-out of Hans Solo in her window."
Darel: "The composer?"
Syd: "What?" (laughing)
Darel: "Who is that?"
Syd: (still laughing)
Darel: "Is he an athlete or something?"
Syd: "Please stop talking. No, he's Harrison Ford's character in Star Wars."
Darel: "Is it that big of deal that I don't know that?"

I love my sister.


jennica said...

tell your sister that i too am guilty of not knowing hans solo! but i definitely agree about bringing JB!

Kate Magleby said...

always bring the biebs!!!!!!

Maureen and Nathan said...

I love your blog. It makes me happy everytime I read it. You are so awesome Sydney.

Kiley said...

hahaha i totally remember the hans solo....i also remember the zac efron cut out we had lol

Darrell said...

I wish there were more of your convos with Lil D on your blog. They are pretty accurate (and very funny!)