Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Face is Coming to Visit

This is the Face. She is coming to visit us tomorrow! I. CANNOT. WAIT. Her birthday was yesterday (she's two!) and her aunties (with grandma's help) have prepared a post-birthday extravaganza!

This is a little bit of a catch-up post too. The first week in July, the Burnetts came to Yakima. We did a TON of swimming.

Brent and the Face

Spiderman jumping off the diving board.

Here she is: The Face, in all her squeezable glory.

Is there anything better than the Face? Actually there is - the Face with Coley and Keithy (and Darcee, Brent, Jenny, Katie, Debbie!). Hurry up and get here guys!

P.S. Maryjane! Please come over! :)


Darcee said...

Our bags are packed. We're ready to go! As soon as Keith finishes up his appointment, the party train is on our way! The face, included! (I love those pics! I need copies of those!) Keith and Ally were sad that Nick didn't bring Evie today. Ally kept asking for Bebe. BTW, she called her "Ebie" the other day. So cute!

MaryJane said...


MaryJane said...

OK...really great postS. I haven't been able to leave comments for a while but for some reason today I can. I will try my darndest to get there...have to check out those pointy ears! And believe it or not, meet ALL the Burnett kids.