Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Magic

I think I'm one of five people who has actually seen the movie Summer Magic. I would say it is a Disney Classic, except for most people ... its probably not.
I'm a HUGE Hayley Mills fan. In fact, besides Pollyanna, I think Summer Magic is her best film. And of course there's Parent Trap, but if you haven't Summer Magic - you won't be disappointed.
Anyway, the movie also holds a fond place in my heart because I used to watch it with my Grandma Phyl when I would visit Utah. Grandpa Smart would usually go to bed and Grandma would pop in the show and we'd binge eat copious amounts of processed food while singing 'Ugly Bug Ball.'
(I could go on a Burl Ives love rant right now, but I'll spare you)

Moving on.
Our trip to CA in August was just magical. Visiting Disneyland with my 2-year old was seriously the highlight of my life up to this point (what this says about my life, I'm not sure). 
I was so worried how Ev would do all day at Disneyland (stimulation overload!), plus I was nervous for my almost 8-month pregnant self.

But everybody had a purely magical time.
Seriously I cannot say magical enough times in regards to this trip.

Aunt Chels and Ev bonded big time. 
(Ev asks to get on an airplane to CA constantly now).

As you can tell, Ev inherited her pre-Disneyland jitters from her mother. 

"I go see Minnie."

And here is where Aunt Jillian deserves a shout out as the best aunt EVER. Two weeks prior, Jillian had major jaw surgery and she felt terrible, but of course we had to make her come with us since she needed a wheelchair and we could get through lines faster. 
She did not complain once and suffered for an entire day so Ev could make the most of her one day at Disneyland. 
Jillian - I will not forget to remind Ev of this when she's trying to decide who her favorite aunt is.

Is your heart melting right now?
Because mine is.

Ev rode Dumbo twice. She also insisted on riding in the "pink" Dumbo, which is odd because he favorite color is ALWAYS blue. 

Nick is the only one willing to ride teacups with Ev. I blamed it on my pregnancy (which is true), but in reality I freaking hate the teacups. WORST RIDE EVER.

During the entire 11 minute It's a Small World ride, I think Ev blinked twice. 

Grandma J took Ev to the gift shop (like five times) and Evelyn picked out a stuffed Pascal, a minnie bracelet and an Aurora jewelry box.

Meeting Rapunzel (Ev calls her "Tangled") with her Pascal in tow was the highlight of the day for me. Ev was so excited and when we had to leave she kept saying, "Where Tangled go?"

The highlight of Nick's day were the guns in Frontier Land.

I snapped this photo of Nick and Chelsea on Splash Mountain.
It worked nice for them to ride a couple big kid rides while Ev napped in the stroller. 

Normally Ev loves Eeyore, but for some reason she was terrified of him in real life.
Maybe its because he looks ... so sad?

Tigger was another story - she was so excited!
She also loved the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Hugging Tigger.

Safety first Pascal, buckle up!

The Lost Friends section is the coolest idea ever. I kept thinking how much Keith would have loved it. He had such a fondness for weird friends like Mr. Pricklepants, Nicodemus and Friar Tuck, plus he loved Robin Hood.

Here is Ev, giving Prince John a high five. 

She looks a little unsure of Friar Tuck here.

Dumbo round 2.

Hands down, Ev's favorite part of Disneyland was the parade. 
She LOVED it. She kept asking to touch all the characters.

Rapunzel's tower! Cue: Ev hyperventilating with excitement.

Her face when she saw Tinkerbell.

Of course, Tink didn't disappointed and gave Ev a shout out. 

Visiting Minnie's house.

Ev LOVES Minnie.
She was so happy to meet her. Plus at this point, she really started to understand the concept of meeting the characters. 

My favorite picture - kissing Minnie.

Best Aunt Ever Award.

Like I said, a magical, magical day.
Thank you, Grandma J!
Can't wait to go back!

Also if you're interested in a sneak preview of Summer Magic, here you go.


ashley: said...

Summer Magic is by far one of my favorite movies, so glad you posted the video of the Ugly Bug Ball, now I need to find a video of She's the Pink of Perfection!
Looks like an awesome vacay!

MaryJane said...

What a great post. Love all the pictures. Especially feel bad for poor Aunt Jillian. What a trooper!

Nancy said...

Ha ha! When I was 12 we did a dance to this song at an EFY type thing at BYU. Had never heard it before and had no idea it came from a Disney movie! I LOVE Disneyland. I'm so glad you got to take Ev. :)

Kate Magleby said...

LOVE Summer Magic!

Darrell said...

Great time at Disneyland, and awesome pics of Ev with her very cool CA aunties!