Monday, September 30, 2013

My Favorite Picture + Phone Dump

I love this picture of Ev.
It makes me want to wake her up and squeeze her right now. 

I'm starting to get a little anxious about having to divide my attention between her and a new baby. 
I love our life. I love spending time with Evie. I love being her mom.
And change is hard, even an exciting, welcomed change like that of a new sister. Every time we color, or make barbecues with play dough or make pancakes, I can't help but wonder if its the last time we'll do those things just the two of us. And even though it makes me a little sad to know that it will change the dynamic between me and my favorite person, I can't wait to meet the newest part of our family. 
Can't she just be here already?
Doesn't she know her mom is not a patient person?

And I realize this is ridiculous since I have two weeks until my due date, but like I said, 
me = not patient.

Having Miss Sassafrass to keep me occupied does help me forget my impatience on a daily basis, however. Her personality is constantly developing and I can honestly say I love spending so much time with her and having a front row seat to the Evie Show. (Its seriously the most entertaining show out there)

She has learned that my first name is Sydney and CONSTANTLY calls me "Sinny," or "Sinny Mommy." She always asks me what my name is and when I reply with "mom," she says, "No, your name Sinny Mommy." When she asks for things she often calls me "Sinny," despite how much I correct her. The other day I went to get her out of bed and I said, "Good Morning, Evelyn!" She replied, "I wake up Sinny!" I had to laugh at that one. 

We don't have a name for our baby, so I'm always asking Ev her opinion. Here is a list of some of the names she has suggested:
1. Baby
2. Hippo (this one is her favorite and most frequent suggestion)
3. Honey
4. Costco
5. My sister
6. Rainbow

Fortunately for our imminent child, her sister will NOT be naming her. (Unless Nick and I can't agree upon something, then maybe she'll be Hippo Jordan)
I'm honestly surprised Ev hasn't suggested "Kitty," as a name, but I will count my blessings and move on!

My little bath hater has become OBSESSED with bathing. She has a little Sebastian (who she calls "crab") and she always sings Under the Sea, while playing with it. She knows no other words besides "Under the Sea," so I usually have to sing the other parts. 

She loves her cousin Ally and wants to be just like her. Ally recently taught her how to "pose" and now Ev is really into striking a pose for the camera (as evidenced by the photo below).

Best Friends.

She loves all those stupid toys that move at the mall, except she doesn't know they move because I never put money in them. She just sits in them, honks the horn, and asks me if I want an ice cream cone. Then she pretends the helicopter or tow truck is a kitchen and she'll whip me up a "pink ice cream cone."

She loves wearing headbands now (she calls them "crowns").

And this girl LOVES her Aunt Chi-Chi. We had to run some stuff up to Portland to store in Chelsea's basement and we stayed the night at her new place. 
Ev had the time of her life - Aunt Chi Chi made her pancakes, had a little bed set up for her with books next to it and even watched FernGully with her.
Needless to say, Ev asks me to go to Chi Chi's house 500 times a day.
Ev -"I go to Chi Chi's house today?"
Me - "Not today."
Ev - "I go to Chi Chi's house tomorrow?"
Me - "Not tomorrow, but maybe some other time."
Ev - "Oh, I go to Chi Chi's house next week?"
Me - "We will go to Chi Chi's again sometime, but I don't know when."
Ev - "Okay, Mommy. I watch a show at Chi Chi's."
And the conversation goes on.
This girl can talk. She never stops asking questions or telling me things. Sometimes I wonder if she'll be that girl who makes a bazillion home videos just so she can see herself talk or sing or act.
And then I realize she probably will be that girl because I was that girl and Chatty Cathies beget Chatty Cathies. YIKES.

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MaryJane said...

Love this post! You'll be an amazing mother of two, but probably not in the first week...cut yourself some slack. Amazingly, all those toys that move were "broken" when my kids were little; even if they just watched some kid before them make it move!

Two weeks, huh? Can't wait!