Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Inaugural Hero Up Race

Today is my sister's (Darcee) birthday.
She's old - lets just leave it at that. But being practically forty is no big deal for someone in insane-o shape like Darc. She runs marathons, could probably win a cookie eating marathon and now she organizes half-marathons. Not too shabby for an old lady. 

Darc has spent the past year of her life dedicating much of her time to the Hero Up Race and it definitely showed - everything was awesome! Great turnout, great race and great atmosphere. Of course it was bittersweet for our family as we thought a lot about Keithy. We know he would have loved dressing up and participating in the kids race, even if he could only scoot. But the race was such a perfect way to honor Keith and raise money for a cause that affects A LOT of people - not just the Burnett/Smart families. 
As the website says, "Be a Superhero to the 46 children diagnosed with cancer EVERYDAY."
And I can definitely say that I saw a ton of people who were superheroes for childhood cancer on race day. It was so fun to see people get into the spirit of racing while at the same time working towards an amazing cause.

Since I'm chubby and not super helpful these days, I was in charge of getting the hooligans to the park on race day. Ev was easy to get ready - she didn't want to wear a costume. Ally was also easy - she insisted on being "Snow White with a cape and my hello kitty shoes." Alright, simple enough. 
But Coley! Man, that kid takes being a superhero to a whole new level that can only be appreciated by an almost 6-year old. He changed (NOT EXAGGERATING) five times before settling on Spiderman. He ended up choosing Spiderman because his costume is reversible so he could be red OR black Spiderman depending on his mood at the park. 

All the kids were so excited to get to the race.

Once there, I dropped the kids off at the toys and went to my station on the course. It was so fun to be apart of a race as a volunteer. I've never done anything like it and I've often wondered what its like to be the person that cheers for all the people you don't even know as they pass by you. It was a blast, especially since so many people were dressed up. 

Everybody had a job to do on race day.

Here is Nick/Batman as the pilot biker for the 5K. 
How cool would it be to follow Batman while you run?

And here's where it gets really fun/creepy. I had my camera out during the 5K and was trying to take pictures of my family/friends that were running. But so many people had cool costumes that I just ended up taking a ton of pictures of people I didn't know, which I realize now is super weird. 
Oh well, they are still going up on the blog. 

Here is Supergirl/Cassie. 
(I barely got a picture of her she was running so stinking fast)


And the most legit looking Superman I've ever seen. 

This guy was so rad.

This is basically the Avengers meets Hero Up 
(Supergirl/Captain America/CUTEST spiderman ever).

My aunt Nancy made Keith t-shirts and super hero capes for the Hagues.
They looked so good! And it was so touching to see Keith's face during the race. 

These people were so awesome. There were about a dozen of them dressed in red capes that said, "Team Ryan." They were running for a family member who had also passed away from childhood cancer. You could tell they felt the same way we did on race day. 

Kevin (Brent's dad) piloting the Half-Marathon.

Batman ... so hot right now.

I think it was fun for all the "Supers" to meet and greet.

Here is the MC of the day - Wolverine.

Race Director Darcee


More cool Supers (who happen to be related to us)

Cole as black Spiderman

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible (someday, we hope!)

Kids Race

Was crazy and chaotic, but completely adorable.

Costume award winners.

Kylie was kryptonite!

Apparently Batman has a thing for pregnant ladies.
Also, this is the worst picture of me ever, but you only meet Batman once!

Hugh Jackman, who?

It was such a special day and we CAN'T wait for next year! Its just going to get better and better. Way to go Darc! You direct races almost as well as you eat chocolate chip cookies, which is saying something.


sheila said...

Great post honoring the birthday girl, Syd! Wonderful pictures, so many great costumes, a great time was had by all. So good to see you blogging again, it helps to keep us focused on the important things!

MaryJane said...

Fun to see your pictures of the 5-K's. I got lots of the 1/2 Marathoners, but didn't really see any of the others.

And you totally adorable!

Sydney said...

Mary Jane, it was so awesome to see you there. It meant so much to our family, especially Darcee. But I'm bummed we didn't get to talk!

Darrell said...

Thanks for posting this.

ellen said...

Darcee is an inspiration. I miss her here in Boston but had a quick visit with her Monday in Portland.

I've been involved in the Brain Tumor Society bike ride for 15 years and it has meant a lot to me to have friends/family do the ride and make donations (I hope the Hero Up event goes on for years). This Saturday marks 15 years since my older brother died of a nasty brain tumor. I'm sure he and Keith are buddies in heaven.

Sydney said...

Ellen you rock! You are so supportive. And I know that your brother and Keith are buddies for sure. How could they not be?