Monday, September 16, 2013

My Precious

I took this video a two weeks ago when Ev and I were "unpacking" into our new apartment. I unpacked, she got to play with a lot of things that are normally off limits/make huge messes when I wasn't looking.


Cassie Tremblay said...

you are such a good translator, she is so so darling!

jennica said...

I love her and I miss you! Sucha good mom. And soon you will have 2! My favorite park was Skin a mA rink a dinkey dink. Skin a mA rink a doo! I love Sharon Lois and bram? How do you know that song?!?! Canadian 90s TV :) love you syd! Love your blog and especially your videos. Sorry to hear about your losses :(

Darrell said...

thx for post, a good Evelyn fix for mom and I!