Tuesday, September 24, 2013


AKA our annual girls trip + my Dad.

After our magical Disneyland trip, Snick, etc. rode the train down to San Diego where we said goodbye to Nick (no boys allowed!) and hello to the Smart girls.
My dad had some sailing lessons, so we let him come just this once.
JK, he fit the bill so technically we were happy to have him with us. Plus he and my Grandma on vacation together is side-splitting hilarity at every corner. In fact, our San Diego Girls Trip could be called, "Phyl and Phillip (Darrell) Eat Their Way Through San Diego One Triple D at a Time."

And that's what I love about the Smarts. It doesn't matter where you go or who you are with, but you will be unbuttoning your pants after every meal because delicious is the magic word. 

But it wasn't just the food that made it special this year. It was the first time that the granddaughters were able to come. I guess its in their genes, but Ev and Ally grasped the concept of "girls vacay" quicker than most little girls - they were YOLO-ing it wherever they went (it helped that Grandma/Grandpa were happily assisting)
Eating ice cream, staying up late, frolicking on the beach, etc. is easy as breathing when you are a Smart girl. 

We took the girls to Sea World and they loved it.


So did everyone else.
It was a scorchingly hot, but fun day.

My pictures are super out of order since they are from three different cameras, but I'm the definition of lazy these days. Anyway, one of the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives restaurants we ate at had the most AMAZING hamburgers with the weirdest ingredients. I had a burger with nutella, caramelized plantains, bacon and blue cheese. IT WAS SO GOOD.

My dad's burger was a weird meat (can't remember but I think it was buffalo?) and it had whipped cream on it. Seriously, this place was awesome. You could even order a kangaroo burger if you wanted.

Outside the restaurant.

Phase 10 demolitions every night.

We had a bonfire on the beach at sunset where we gorged on smores.

Darc did what she does best - out eating everybody in the dessert department.

Smart girls!

What a babe.


My Dad let us tag along on his sailing lesson.

San Diego temple visit.

Sunday buffet at the Del.
The had an ENTIRE table of just cheeses (bet you can't guess where I spend 90% of my time and stomach space).

Crab lovers.

Grandma Phyl had THREE, I repeat THREE plates of crab before starting the buffet.
If that's not talent I don't know what is.

Just wanted to show all those organic moms out there what my kid ate for breakfast at the buffet - gumdrops, cupcakes, fruit, pancakes, macaroons, and chocolate fountain.
Nailed it!

A favorite aunt with her favorite nieces.

Welcome to San Diego!

Sistaz! We miss you D! Sniff, sniff...

We even saw some clandestine San Diego mermaids.

Darcee with ... little Darcee.

Captain Ahab.

How many other 83 year old Great-Grandmas will ride amusement park rides with their great-granddaughters? Phyl is the bomb.

My Dad and Darc spent at least $50 trying to climb these ladders. 

While entertaining, it would have been a lot cheaper to order a giant human-sized toucan off Ebay. 

Some local penguins.

As usual, our girls trip did not disappoint! Can't wait for next year.
Thanks Darrell and She She!


sheila said...

Oh my goodness, thanks for the San Diego shout out Syd! You captured it so well with the amazing pictures or should I say "photo shoot!" That was a blast, I can't wait until the next adventure! Here's to the Del and to triple "D!"

Krystal Ann said...

Love all the pictures! The pic of Grandma taking the girls on amusement park rides reminds me of when I was little and didn't want to go on the upside-down rollercoaster at Lagoon and she guilted/shamed me into going on it so she could too! Haha love her.

ellen said...

Step aside, Kardashians! The Smart girls are in town!!

MaryJane said...

The Smart women are just gorgeous...sometimes I can hardly tell you apart. So fun the little girlies got to go along this year! makes me want to take a Girl Trip with my little ones, too!

BTW: Do you guys ever have a bad time? I'm almost done with my petition to be adopted by the Smarts...I'll even dye my hair!

Darrell said...

Thx for letting me crash the party! I've always wanted to tag along on one of your "girls' adventures."

Sydney said...

Mary Jane - welcome to the fam! We'd love to have you. Everybody needs a beautiful blonde sister so no need to dye your hair!