Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Sailing!

My Dad's HOTM (Hobby of the Moment) is sailing. He took some courses in San Diego earlier this year and he recently joined the Seattle Sailing Club in hopes of earning his Captain's license so he can live his dream on the open sea. A captain's license is no easy feat. It requires hours of sailing with an instructor and copious knowledge of the ship and orienteering. 
My dad invited us to tag along about 3 weeks ago and we all jumped at the chance because we knew it would be something like this:

Ironically, we felt a lot like Bob on our sailing adventure. No one was actually tied to the sail, but Darel was asking for it the whole time. If it weren't for our instructor Steve, we would have roped her right up. In preparation for our big sailing day, we watched White Squall, and buffed our Sperrys. 

Here we are totally excited to learn how to sail.

Instructor Steve took one look at us and decided it was best to keep his information to his only official student, my Dad. We did however learn lots of terminology and some sailing basics.

Captain Ahab himself.
"Let Ahab beware of Ahab."


"I sail! I'm a sailor! I sail!"

Where is a plank when you need one?

Unfortunately, it was not a great day for sailing. The weather was gorgeous, but there was little wind so we Tommy Boyed it out on the Sound and enjoyed a little nap time.

No wind gave us plenty of time to take a thousand pictures of our Sperrys/ourselves.
Pretty sure Steve thought we were nuts.

This was right after a barge made some serious waves. 
"White squall! White squall!"

We saw plenty of wildlife - dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, birds, etc.

Pretty sure my Dad will get the rest of his sailing hours without us hooligans, but it was a blast soaking in some sun in Puget Sound. Seattle might be the greatest and most beautiful city on the planet.


Krystal Ann said...

That is too ironic. I linked to the same exact clip on my last blog post too. :) Great minds think alike!

MaryJane said...

I'll bet Instructor Steve had some great stories to tell when he got home. Looks like you guys had a blast.

Amanda Jeffs said...

Love that movie! Looks like a lot of fun! Anyone get sea sick?

Rachey Elder said...

Ha ha, reason #34998 of why I love your dad. Sailing lessons sound awesome. I love all of your Sperrys and you my friend still do not look pregnant! Love all the pics

Darrell said...

Thanks for posting this clip. I think this is what inspired me to take up sailing.