Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Lives Via Phone the Last Few Months

Some of these pictures are kind of old, but I'm so behind on this blog I'm going to post them anyway. I've put some important blog posts on the back burner since we've spent the last few weeks moving out of our apartment in Eugene and helping Nick survive finals (he rocked it!). Now that we've moved out (bittersweet) and we're in Yakima I'm ready to try and catch up. 
I hate leaving Eugene for the summer. The sun comes out just in time to wave us goodbye and Ev and I miss our friends terribly. However, we are pretty excited (and blessed) to be able to spend the summer with Grandma and Grandpa while we swim everyday. 

These are all the photos and videos I've taken on my phone the last few months. 
Its basically impossible to get a picture of Ev with her face looking towards the camera, so I've given up for the time being. She hates having a camera in her face and its just easier to snap a pic, send it to Nick and he can imagine that her face looked adorable (it always does). So that's basically why 95% of our pictures are action shots. Plus its an accurate depiction of our lives - action. Ev is always running, bouncing, jumping, hiding, etc.  

For her birthday, my grandparents sent Ev some money. I told her she could choose a "prize," at Toys'R'Us with her birthday money. She walked straight up to this $400 car.

Not happening, sister.

Instead she settled on a stroller and a stuffed puppy. She loves pushing all her stuffed animals in her stroller and she's played with it everyday since purchasing it. I even let her take it to Target or the grocery store with us. It keeps her nearby and she gets to put random boxes of snacks, etc. in it while we shop. She gets a lot of stares and chuckles from people who pass by and I think its hilarious.

The Hello Kitty obsession in our house has reached a level of madness.

Kitty is part of our family now.

Its basically impossible to shop with Ev, but I refuse to accept that. I still take her everywhere with me. I think that will be the hardest thing for me when baby #2 arrives - the decline in my mobility as a mother. With one child, I've never really felt like a "stay-at-home-mom." I've always just taken Ev wherever I go. Monday mornings we usually stay home and get our chores done, but every other morning we leave the house for the majority of the morning. You have to get creative in Eugene with the rainy weather, but Ev has come to expect to leave the house frequently, which makes me a little nervous with how she will handle being home more, especially in a small apartment. We shall see I guess. 

She loves the dogs and mannequins at Old Navy.

She always gives the dog a hug and says, "Hi, dog."

Then it gets a little dicey. She's hanging on bars, running through clothes and pulling things off the rack. Yet, we keep coming back.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. Before bed, she gets to watch a few minutes of a movie while she settles down. A while ago she was so into the show I caught her drooling.

I think its time for bed, ya?

We've seen quite a bit of our cousins the last few months and Ev has loved that.
Cole and Ally are her favorite people in the world. 

Doesn't this look exactly like Darel? My friend Emma texted this to me when she was at the library.

At her two-year check up.

My shrimp.
(Or as Tom Haverford would say, "a tiny ass lobster.")

Evelyn Kate Jordan, Age 2.
Her first real piece of artwork AKA putting stickers on a blank face. 

We try and go swimming at an indoor pool with Emma and Will every week. Ev loves it. She steals toys from Will and he takes it like the gentleman he is (true love).
This particular day was interesting because it was freezing and I couldn't get Ev to put her coverup over her swimsuit. She insisted on leaving the house in just her suit. After a category 5 meltdown, I decided to let her learn the hard way (pneumonia/hypothermia). She got outside and kept saying, "Too cold! Too cold!" She hasn't complained about wearing a coverup since.

Bad mothering - 1, Toddler tantrums - 0.

Nick got me flowers for our anniversary and I got him some sour watermelons.
Judge all you want, but that's how we roll.

Freshly bathed Evies are my favorite Evies.

Best cousins forever.

Seriously these two are buds.

A little song for you.


Rachey Elder said...

My shrimp.
(Or as Tom Haverford would say, "a tiny ass lobster.") Definitely my favorite line on your blog. I love that little shrimp! She is the cutest thing ever and always dressed perf. I loved the drool pic!

MaryJane said...

Love all the pics! But especially love the video of the Happy Birthday song. Your entire family cracks me up!

The Davis Family said...

Congratulations on another girl!! Oh my gosh, you are going to have so much fun... lots of drama coming your way! That picture of "Darel" is freaky...she has an identical twin out there somewhere! Love your posts!


Alix said...

I seriously can't get over how adorable Ev is! Ah! Can't wait to see your next little one. And that last song was hilarious!