Friday, May 10, 2013

Party Animals

We had a small "friend" party for Ev this year.
Growing up, we only got "friend" parties every other year (on the even years) since there were quite a few of us and parties can be exhausting and expensive. My mom asked me if I was going to continue the tradition in our family. Honestly, I hadn't thought about it until she asked, but after thinking about it, my answer is definitely yes. After years 1 and 2, "friend" parties are an every other year thing.

Its fun to have friends over or do something big - heck I'm always looking for an excuse to party, but some of my best birthdays were simple ones, where my mom took me and my sisters shopping in Seattle for the weekend, or we had cake and presents at home. Plus, kids love the simple stuff anyway. Ev had a blast at her party, but she had just as much fun when we opened gifts as a family on her actual birthday.

That said, planning a Hello Kitty party was so fun because I knew Ev would go nuts.
The girl loves herself some Hello Kitty.

My talented friend Jessica made the cake.
Its amazing, right?

All the kids loved the kitty on top. Ev kept telling me that she had a bow AND a hat.
Work it, kitty.

I made some less beautiful, but still tasty cupcakes.

Treat bags - Hello Kitty for the girls, Keroppi for the boys.
In case anyone is wondering, Hello Kitty has a lot of friends. Growing up my Dad always brought weird stuff home from Japan and it often included Hello Kitty and friends which is why I secretly love Keroppi. One of my favorite books was this one in Japanese that was about Keroppi and Hello Kitty brushing their teeth. 

The goods.

The spread.

We also had a scrubby make-shift photobooth for the kids. Anybody could sit in the chair ... and anybody could take the photo. I made some cutouts for the kids to put up to their faces as well.

This is Ev's friend Charlotte, who she lovingly calls "Char."

Char has a twin named Henry (or "Henny," as Ev calls him).

Izzy and Noah.

Blowing out candles.


Sean and Katie. 

Opening presents was honestly hysterical. Ev was so overwhelmed, plus every kid at the party was helping her open gifts and then trying to show them to her simultaneously. 
It was awesome.

Nem and Will.

Nick was seriously reconsidering having another baby at this point I'm sure. Having so many kids over was fun but cray cray.

Another birthday tradition in my family - eat what you want on your special day.

My kid had at least five cupcakes.

Go Ev.

Al Pal was such a good helper all day. She really loved showing Evie all her presents and pointing out all the Hello Kitty decor.

Everybody has that "weird" aunt that randomly shows up to things right?
Aunt Chi Chi:

These two always making things inappropriate:

Or awkward:

JK, best parents ever.

Obviously it was a party worthy of the Kardashians.

I can't wait to take it easy next year...


Tiffany said...

Such a cute party! I love the photo booth! ANd I'm totally lol'ing at Nick's face in that picture! It makes me miss you guys. Like a lot. DAVID CAAATTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

MaryJane said...

Adorable. You have a seriously GREAT cake-making friend. I hope she has a business somewhere and is making big bucks!

So excited about the new baby. Love little girls!